Community Night

Dr. Debra Budiani-Saberi will be presenting at Cedarville University's Social Work Program's annual Community Night on April 25, 2013. "Community Night" is an event planned entirely by junior and senior social work students in the Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations class. The event will be held in the Stevens Student Center Event Rooms beginning at 4:00 pm.

Two FREE Ethics continuing education units for social workers, counselors and therapists will be provided at this event as well as one FREE continuing education unit for Nursing Professionals.

Dr. Budiani will be speaking on Organ Trafficking, otherwise known as Transplant Tourism. Dr Budiani-Saberi is a Medical Anthropologist who has conducted extensive research related to organ trafficking since 1999. Her work includes an analysis of key stake holders and actors involved in the organ trade including victims, recipients, medical professional and laboratories. She has conducted extensive follow-up studies on health, economic, social, and psychological consequences. She has written extensively on the topic in such journals as the British Medical Journal News and Wall Street Journal and spoke nationally and internationally.

Dr. Budiani Saberi is the founder and director of Coalition for Organ Failure Solutions located in Washington, DC. She has most recently collaborated with the World Health Organization and the United Nations to help combat Organ Trafficking worldwide.

An introduction of how Human Trafficking of Organ Removal (HTOR) operates across the globe will be presented followed by a brief overview of the evolution of responses and the gaps that still remain that enable HTOR to continue to thrive.

Please join us for this educational night!

Download Event Flyer (PDF)