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Dr. Amanda Burger

Licensed Psychologist & Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Amanda J. Burger, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and has practiced clinical health psychology in both hospital and private practice settings. She presently is Director of Behavioral Medicine at St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency in Youngstown, Ohio. Her work has included being the trauma specialist for the Child Advocacy Center where she counseled children who had experienced abuse. Most recently she has taught multiple courses in Counseling at Cedarville University.

Program Objectives:

As a result of this training participants will:

  • List a historical overview of neuroleptic drugs and medications that currently are commonly prescribed for psychiatric disorders
  • Utilize a review of foundational physiology, anatomy, and brain functioning as a primer for understanding psychotropic medication effects
  • Analyze updates regarding relevant research literature relating to psychotropic medications for non-SMI disorders
  • Identify contemporary medications that often are prescribed for common psychiatric disorders, including off-label prescriptions
  • Describe various side effects that often accompany psychotropic medications and implications for potential long-term users
  • Discuss how mental health professions may operate in concert with medicine prescribers in order to holistically best help clients’ mental health conditions
  • Identify various case studies that illustrate numerous principles that are taught in the present workshop