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Betsy Linnell

Educator, Professional Clinical Counselor & Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Ms. Linnell has worked with young people in one capacity or another for the last twenty years. She is particularly passionate in helping children who have various disabilities or have faced traumatic events. She is a licensed Elementary and Special Education Teacher, a Professional Clinical Counselor, and a Certified Trauma Practitioner. She received her BA in Education from Cedarville University and then taught at Emmanuel Christian for seven years. She then finished her MS in Clinical Counseling from the University of Dayton and has counseled in Springfield, Ohio for the last ten years. Her work has included being the trauma specialist for the Child Advocacy Center where she counseled children who had experienced abuse. Most recently she has taught multiple courses in Counseling at Cedarville University.

Program Objectives:

As a result of this training participants will:

  • Identify that trauma is an experience that results in unique reactions in children
  • Learn ways to safely empower children, while maintaining healthy authority
  • Reflect on our own tendencies to react rather than respond
  • Build skills in creating safe and structured environments that help children heal
  • Practice communicating with parents and other providers to make a strong team
  • Gain a resource of interventions and techniques to use in classroom or counseling settings