Dialogue on Sexuality
Presented by Cedarville University and Focus on the Family
Cedarville University
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Cedarville University Focus on the Family
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Yeah, we’re going to talk about it.

Remember when “sex” was a word you were embarrassed to say out loud?  Well, what was once private has gone aggressively in-your-face public.

You can see how our culture values sex by the way it uses sex. It’s the hook that keeps you watching a program. It’s the juicy headline that sells magazines. It’s the scandal that makes the evening news. It’s the uproarious punch line that permeates prime time. It’s perhaps the only essential element in today’s popular music videos.

Biblically, we know that God created sex as a sacred gift to be intimately enjoyed in a covenant relationship. It is a mysterious union that joins a husband and wife and makes them one flesh.

This message has been lost to a noisy culture with an insatiable sexual appetite. When school children see sexualized images every day in movies, television, and video games ... when middle school children are experimenting with sexual activity ... when infidelity causes marriages and families to fail ... when sexually transmitted disease is a real threat to public health  ... when human beings are trafficked across the world (and right here in our communities) for sexual gratification, the Church must rise and reclaim its message, for we are living in a world gone mad.

When the Church believes it is powerless against this Goliath, it is. When we shy away from dialogue because this topic makes us uncomfortable, we yield the floor to a message that exults in its shamelessness. In Christ, we have a compellingly restorative message of healing, hope, and humanity. Unless the Church speaks up, we reinforce to our children, teens, singles, and families what they’re hearing everywhere else:

“It’s just sex. It’s no big deal.”

Join us in November for honest, biblical conversations about sexuality and expression. This conference is, at heart, about what it means to be human ... respecting our God-given dignity and reflecting Christ in all of our relationships.