G92 Workshops - Saturday, October 22, 2011

DMC 101 - The Power of Compassion

Presenter: Randy Chestnut

Description: This presentation will focus on the relational bridges that are being built between the local Southern Baptist community in SW Ohio and the Ahiska Turks (Muslims), through the "Vacant to Vibrant" Urban Farming intiative. Also give suggestions for process to engage other immigrant/refugee groups through compassionate service.

DMC 102 - Beyond Activism: Immigrant Psychology and the American Dream

Presenters: Sarah Jackson

Description: Immigrant rights activists Sarah Jackson and Caleb Lazaro will explore the implications of being privileged citizens advocating for immigration reform. Furthermore, they will unpack some practical ways of meeting the emotional needs of Latino immigrant families and the importance of redefining the American Dream within the immigrant community.

DMC 103 - Rule of Law Meets the Consitiution

Presenter: Donald P. Balla

Description: Program 1: A constitutional immigration lawyer looks at Rule of Law and constitutional restraints on sanction against immigrants. We can create laws to regulate immigration but may not:

  • Pass Bills of Attainder - trial by legislature
  • Vilate equal protection - criminalizing acts done by others, which if done by us is legal
  • Pass ex-post factor laws - adding punishments for past offenses
  • Presume guilt - punishing first, correcting later.
  • Violate due process - punishing without proof
  • Criminalize being
  • Punish children for parent offenses
  • Excessively punish - A four-time DWI loses a license for 4 years, while a child of a suspected border crosser loses driving priviledges for life.

DMC 152 (Recital Hall) - Moving Our Churches from Talk to Walk

Presenter: Dr. Alejandro Mandes

Description: We have had enough time to talk about the fact that we need to do something. Immigrant Hope is one denominations decision to actually set up sites to offer holistic ministry in their churches targeted at serving all immigrants. INCLUDING what immigrants want most - good, affordable legal advice. The government has an alternative pathway for preparing church based paralegals. Immigrant Hope is helping churches train their own people to get certified by the government to provide church based immigration counsel. We CAN give them what they want today and give them what they need forever - - Jesus!.

DMC 162 - Community Ministry wtih Latino Immigrants - Hope for Atlanta

Presenter: Tim Campbell

Description: Latino Ministry with Hope for Atlanta

  1. How to connect with the Latino Community
  2. Needs in the Latino Community
  3. Effective community programs
  4. Loving people by helping them (i.e. immigration issues)
  5. Connecting with other agencies/churches/organizations
  6. Creating a passion in workers to share in the work
  7. Sharing stories with groups/churches that help them understand the people you serve

DMC 164 - Understanding and Applying the Insider/Outsider Principle

Presenters: Chad Brennan, Richard Johnson

Description: Many diversity initiatives emphasize "tolerance" and "valuing of cultural differences" as their desired goals. As followers of Christ, we are called to do more than just avoid conflict and appreciate one another's culture. Throughout Scripture we are called to extend special kindness to those who are on the margins of society and create bridges so that they can become insiders within our groups and community. Understanding and applying the Insider/Outsider Principle is essential for Christian leaders and organizations who desire to serve and build bridges with immigrants and people of other ethnicities.

DMC 101 - OK, So What DO I do Now?

Presenter: Pam Elkins

Description: You can act upon your new found understanding of immigration. You don't have to speak another language or be a teacher to teach an English as a Second Language class. Come unearth the secrets and leave equipped to begin a rewarding and much needed ministry.

DMC 102 - Rule of Law/Secure National Borders (section A): Confessions of a Federal Agent

Presenter: Paul Chambers, resident agent in charge, homeland security investigations, United States Department of Homeland Security

Description: From drug trafficking to human trafficking…join a special agent of the United States Department of Homeland Security and former undercover Drug Enforcement Administration special agent for a conversation about civil and criminal arrests of foreign nationals. We will discuss federal prosecution and removal (deportation). This conversation will explore the trafficking in persons and how you might be funding the modern day slave trade.

We will briefly consider Joshua's curse of the foreigner when he was deceived (Joshua 9) and Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the Temple that the foreigner's prayer will be honored (IKings 8:41-43).

DMC 103 - Toxic Aliens? How Harmful are Immigrants to the U.S. Economy?

Presenter: Donald P. Balla

Description: Program 2: An economics professor reports on studies in the three areas people point to when complaining about undocumented immigrants. New immigration solutions will need to confront the reality of these three economic accusations.

  • Immigrants cost the U.S. for criminal justice. (Cost and crime rates)
  • Immigrants don't pay their fair share of taxes. (Where they pay more. Where less.)
  • Immigrants harm the economy and compete for jobs. (Why competition is inevitable)

The presentation will report on the foundational and latest studies in this area. It will report on the accuracy of private, governmental and professional researchers studies in these three areas

DMC 105 - Shalom and Immigration

Presenter: Lisa Sharon Harper

Description: Working from the biblical foundations of the concept of shalom found in Genesis 1 and 2, we will examine the stories of Abraham and Sarah and Jesus the immigrant as we examine the key immigration issues of our times.

DMC 152 (Recital Hall) – Testimonies from Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Presenters: Marco Saavedra, Diego Avila, Fabiola Arce, Julio Tellez, Andrea Tellez

Description: Undocumented youth will present their personal testimonies, articulate their vision for the future, highlight the need for a social justice perspective on the issue, take questions as to what will happen next to them personally and where they see the subject of immigration going. We will alert folks of our current campaign here in Ohio to end the deportation of Dream Act-eligible Julio Tellez and end with why we think it necessary for people of faith to be moved on this issue into action. Last, we truly believe that the biblical calling to welcome the stranger is still highly needed.

DMC 162 – Local and State Advocacy

Presenter: Samuel Tsoi, Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition

Description: In the absence of federal attention and action, the debate and legislative battles have shifted to the state and local levels, with laws in Arizona and Alabama and local sheriffs calling for Secure Communities. Since many of these debates have centered around security and public safety issues, Christians can and must be the voice to humanize the debate while bridging the divisiveness in order to have civil dialog about how best to balance enforcement with immigrant integration, community engagement and civil liberties.

Conversely, without a strategy around local- and state-level advocacy to craft constructive policies, immigrant integration programs such as ESOL and health care will also suffer from the collateral damage of funding cuts and restrictions on public programs based on perceived immigration status - thus making the debate around reform on the federal level more difficult.

DMC 164 – Engaging Local Churches Around the Immigration Issue

Presenter: Matthew Soerens

Description: In this workshop, World Relief US Church Training Specialist Matthew Soerens shares successful strategies, messages, and resources for how lay leaders can encourage their own local churches and other local churches in their community to become more engaged in ministry with immigrants and in advocacy on behalf of just immigration policies.

DMC 101 – Immigration 101: Why Can't They Just Apply for Citizenship?

Presenter: Patricia Hatch

Description: Immigration terminology can be confusing, and it's hard to advocate effectively if you don't understand the variety of statuses.This presentation will answer questioons such as: How does a refugee or asylee differ from an undocumented person? Why can't those who are undocumented simply apply for citizenship? Or at least for a green card? Other than entering the country without inspection, what other ways does a person become undocumented? In addition, presenter will share info about several models she has used over 3 decades for providing services to immigrants. NOTE: If conference organizers feel the latter content would be of more interest, presentation title and emphasis can be switched.

DMC 102 – Rule of Law/Secure National Borders (section B): Understanding the personal cost.

Presenters: George Soltero, Assistant Public Defender, District of Arizona

Description: The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution grants the right to counsel to any accused person facing a potential term of incarceration. Join an Assistant Federal Public Defender working along the most porous section of our southern border as we try to understand the very human cost, anguish and penalties faced by foreign nationals accused of crossing the border without authorization. Specifically, there will be a discussion on the federal government's border enforcement initiative known as Operation Streamline. Operation Steamline's goal is to prosecute every apprehended undocumented border crosser in a very short period of time.

Within the context of border enforcement policy, come prepared to struggle with the admonition of the Old Testament Prophet who tells us to "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God." (Micah 6:8)

DMC 103 – Discussing Conflicting Issues of Immigration as Christian Students in America

Presenters: Ainsley Robles, Rachel Henderson, Gordon College students

Description: The purpose of this workshop will be to provide a context for conference attendees to work through the conflicting issues Christians confront on the topic of immigration. People will be encouraged to share their own experiences from within their own communities with the intention of learning from each other and drawing from one another's experiences to gain a better and more humble understanding of how to love and approach our immigrant brothers and sisters.

DMC 105 - Left, Right, and Christ

Presenter: Lisa Sharon Harper

Description: Lisa Sharon Harper will offer reflections from the chapter on Immigration from her new book Left, Right & Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics (forthcoming, October 6)

DMC 152 (Recital Hall) – Speak Up! Being an Effective Advocate for Immigration Reform

Presenter: Jenny Yang

Description: Ever wonder why Congress has not passed immigration reform yet and how you can be an effective advocate for immigration reform? This workshop will explore the previous and current political dynamics behind immigration reform, explain the various immigration bills and legislation that were debated in Congress, and equip you with tools to advocacy effectively in your local community and mobilize others to join in your efforts!

DMC 159 – Brazo en Brazo and Dare to Dream – Mennonite Responses to Immigration in Allen County, Ohio

Presenters: Paul Neufeld, Paul Conrad, Ann Conrad, Manuel Meza, Martha Meza

Description: Brazo en Brazo is an outreach to Latino immigrants in Lima, Ohio, supported by a number of area Mennonite Churches. Brazo provides social services such as ESL classes, transportation and interpretation assistance and also has Bible studies and Worship each Sunday afternoon. Dare to Dream is a scholarship program for immigrant youth who are highly academically qualified but unable to attend college because they have been denied financial aid due to their immigration status.

DMC 162 – Church-Based ESL Programs

Presenters: Barbara Loach, Annis Shaver

Description: How to plan and run a church-based program for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. We will look at preparation, presentation, promise and pitfalls for this type of program.

DMC 164 – Mobilizing Your Campus to Action

Presenters: Matthew Soerens, Juliana Martinez

Description: Drawing upon experiences on the campus of Wheaton College (IL), World Relief staffer Matthew Soerens and Wheaton student Juliana Martinez will equip college students to return to their campuses and mobilize others, establishing on-campus groups that respond to the immigration issue through prayer, awareness raising, political advocacy, local church engagement, and ministry with immigrants in their local community.