Listed below are resources from the 2011 Bioethics Conference and the Through the Roof Summit. Recordings of the conference are available for purchase from the Media Ministry web store.
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Bioethics Conference

Plenary Sessions

  • Session 1
    C. Christopher Hook: Death and Dying in the US: An Overview Presentation Notes
  • Session 3
    Panel Discussion: The Last Days: What Patients and Families Want Presentation Notes
  • Session 4
    C. Christopher Hook: Advance Care Planning Workshop Presentation Notes
  • Session 5
    Panel Discussion: Challenging Case Studies Presentation Notes

Breakout Sessions

  • Ashley Fernandes
    Conscience in Health Care: Past, Present, and FuturePresentation Slides
  • Bill Goodrich
    Should the Church be KnownPresentation Notes
    Theological ChallengePresentation Notes
  • Kathy McReynolds
    When is Life Not Worth Living? A Thought Experiment on Imagining Intolerable StatesPresentation Slides
    Who Decides? Health Care Decision-Making for Adults with Development DisabilitiesPresentation Slides
    Thinking Ahead: Advance Care Planning for People with Developmental DisabilitiesPresentation Slides
  • Movie Discussion
    Physician Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia: Realities Beyond the RhetoricPresentation Slides
  • Amy Voris
    Comfort Care OnlyPresentation Slides
  • Mark Vroegop
    Preparing Your People for the Unthinkable: Navigating the Death of Children, Part 1Presentation Slides
    How to Minister to Grieving Parents: Unique and Challenging Pastoral Moments, Part 2Presentation Slides
    Four Things You Need to Know About Losing a Child so You Can Help, Part 3Presentation Slides

Through the Roof Summit

Breakout Sessions

  • Kathy Bolduc
    Autism & Alleluias: Finding God in a Child's DisabilityPresentation Notes
  • Lisa Brown
    Ready or Not, Here I Come: How to Welcome Any Child into Your ClassroomPresentation Slides
  • Dale Claes
    Wheels for the World: From here to therePresentation Slides
  • Cara M. Daily
    Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Brief OverviewPresentation Slides
    Behavior Management in the ClassroomPresentation Slides
  • Laura Davis
    Church Outreaches: Caregiver Support & Family PartiesPresentation Notes
  • Leslie Fern
    Created in His Image: A Biblical ViewPresentation Slides
  • Joe and Cindi Ferrini
    Unexpected Journey: When Special Needs Change Our CoursePresentation Slides
  • Dixie Gebert
    Sibshops, Part 1Presentation Notes
    Sibshops, Part 2Presentation Notes
  • Steve Grcevich
    Children and Youth Who Demonstrate Aggressive Behavior at ChurchPresentation Notes
    The Impact of ADHD upon Spiritual DevelopmentPresentation Notes
  • Georgeann Haviland
    Young Life Capernaum, Part 1Presentation Notes
    Young Life Capernaum, Part 2Presentation Notes
  • Steve Hoyt
    Seeing is BelievingPresentation Slides
  • Cheryl Irish
    College Students and Ministry: Reciprocity in ServicePresentation Slides
    Transition Points: Finding the Right Place to Learn, Grow, and ServePresentation Slides
  • Tresia Johnson
    Special DeliveryPresentation Slides
  • Kathy McReynolds
    Beyond SufferingPresentation Slides
  • Tom and Christine Mitchell
    Let Those Who Cannot Hear, HearPresentation Notes
  • Katie Nelson
    Starting a Respite Ministry: Concept to CompletionPresentation Slides
  • Debra Petermann
    How to Start a Buddy ProgramPresentation Slides
    Ministering to Teens and Adults with Developmental DisabilitiesPresentation Slides
  • Tony Riedel
    Adapting Curriculum for Individuals with Special NeedsPresentation Slides
  • Gary Sweeten
    A Practical Vision for Supporting Parents/CaregiversPresentation Slides
    What Parents Said to UsPresentation Slides
  • Nella Uitvlugt and Rich Miltner
    Building Lasting Relationships through Bible StudyPresentation Slides
  • Katie Wetherbee
    Out of the Box OutreachPresentation Slides