Home for Dinner

Home for Dinner

If you live within 30 minutes of Cedarville and would enjoy meeting some current Cedarville students, then this is for you.

Remember what it was like to crave a home-cooked meal and an evening at home after weeks of eating cafeteria food and living in a cramped dorm room? If you do, then you know how most Cedarville students are feeling! Would you be willing to host some of these students in your home for an evening of food, fellowship and encouragement?

It is our hope that these dinners will bridge the generations of CU family and provide fellowship and encouragement for all involved. Simply pick a time that works for you between Friday, March 23 and Sunday, April 1. We then have students sign up and contact you for directions. You make the meal, and the students show up. The rest is up to you! And yes, you can host more than one dinner during the time period!

If you are interested in hosting a dinner, please fill out the online form. Questions? Call 1-800-837-2566 or e-mail alumni@cedarville.edu. Registrations must be received by Monday, March 12, 2012.

Suggestions for your dinner (many of these are suggestions from those who have hosted a dinner):

  • Keep the menu as simple as you like. Don't feel like you need to cook a gourmet meal! Most students are grateful just to have a night away from campus.
  • Place a set of "get to know you" questions at each place at the table. They can be as simple as asking about the person's major, hometown, and dating status; or you can delve deeper with questions about life goals and their relationships with the Lord.
  • Remember you have a common bond—Cedarville! Share stories from your days at Cedarville. Ask the students about chapel, classes, Christian ministry opportunities, what students do for fun, etc.
  • Play a board game
  • Show them your old yearbooks
  • Pray with the group
  • Bake cookies and send a goodie bag home with each student

We tell the students that the dinner is 2 hours, but if you're having a great time, feel free to invite them to stay longer!

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