Group of students wearing lanyards smile while enjoying Cedarville's Revive event

Concurrent Sessions 11 am

Christa Preston Agiro, Andrea Myers and Hannah Chai

Best Books: A Menu of Literature for Urban Youth

Samuel Burbanks

The Maafa and Western Pedagogy as the Roots of the Educational Dissonance of African Youth

Dr. Sue Brackenhoff, Mrs. Pam Tritsch, and Mrs. Lisa Miller

No Excuses University Schools: Creating a College Bound Culture

Flore Chevaillier

Classroom Assessment: the “One-Minute” Paper

Willis Bing Davis

The Arts as Agents Of Change

Jennifer Dohy and Jesse Bach

Guards in the Hallway: Does School Size and Urbanicity influence the Police State in American Schools?

Pamela Ellis

Passion, Power and Performance in College Completion: Practices for the 6-12 Pipeline

David Estrop

Innovations in Urban Schools