Group of students wearing lanyards smile while enjoying Cedarville's Revive event

Concurrent Sessions 2 pm

David Estrop

Innovations in Urban Schools

Holly Fidler

Braiding Together Two School Communities: The North Star Collaborative Model

Brenda Harper

Urban Administrators Fighting Turnover Fatigue: Perspectives from Urban Principals

Romena M. Garrett Holbert, Melanie N. Woods and Michelle Fleming

Passion for All People – Powerful Pedagogies for Preparing Teacher Candidates for Urban Educati

Jon Hood

Our School Has Gone to the Dogs! – Using a Canine Companion to Seek School Improvement

Albertina Hughey, Jerrie C. Scott, Lloyd G. Haynes

Rhetorical Power: Performances of Literacy Among Urban Students

Mark Kohan and Megan Kreaps

Attending to student voice, learning, and leadership through Freedom Writers-inspired afterschool partnership programs

Barbara Loach

Authenticity in Teaching:  Resources For Maximizing Your Teaching Skills

Marla M. Marsh and Monica M. Marsh

The Power of “Yes!”- Creative Suggestions for Passionate Facilitators of Learning

Rochonda L.Nenonene and Pamela Cross Young

Urban Teacher Academy: Lessons Learned in Preparing Teachers for the Urban Classroom World of Teaching and Learning