Group of students wearing lanyards smile while enjoying Cedarville's Revive event

Concurrent Sessions 3 pm

Jack McKnight and Anna Lyon

Initiatives in Urban and Rural Education: The Challenge of Poverty and Teacher Preparation

Agatha I. Nnazor

A Sociological Framework for Understanding the Participation and Performance of African American Males in Higher Education

Michelle Pineda

Project Vantage Point

Susan Plemons

Welcome to Room 3C: Compassionate, Compelling Classroom

JJ Sawyer

Collective Efficacy When Improving Student Achievement

Margaret Schauer, Jesse Bach and Carrie Love

Class mobility and cultural identity: Understanding social reproduction in urban schools

Nancy Nightingale Schwab

Presentation of a New Breakthrough in Early Childhood Literacy: Sound Shapes Precision Phonics

Dr. Helen Senu-Oke

Over-identification of African American Students for Special Education in Urban School Districts

Kimberly Casey

"Will It Be on the Test?": A Closer Look at How Leaders and Parents Think about Accountability in the Public Schools