Group of students wearing lanyards smile while enjoying Cedarville's Revive event

Concurrent Sessions 4 pm

Brett Everhart

Using Research-Based Instructional/Curricular Models in Urban Physical Edcucation

Brian Raison

Tips for Teaching: Kick-Start Your Talk with Great Opening Lines

Sharon Watson and Christopher Shaffer

Learning: A Family Affair

Annis N. Shaver

TESOL Strategies in the Mainstream Classroom

Gary Madison

Affective Pedagogy

Kwabena D. Ofori-Attah

Conditions of Learning in Elementary and High Schools in Ghana: Rural-Urban Dichotomies

Kevin Washington

Pedagogy of Empowerment: The Key to Elevating the Warrior Spirit in Black Boys

Diane Ross

Developing Cultural Consciousness through Immersion in Kampala, Uganda

Chad Brennan

Accommodating Cultural Preferences in the Diverse Classroom