Group of students wearing lanyards smile while enjoying Cedarville's Revive event

Keynote Speaker

Crystal Kuykendall

A former school teacher and university instructor, Crystal A. Kuykendall is founder and president of Kreative and Innovative Resources for Kids and founder of the Merchants of Hope Institute. She previously served as executive director of the National Alliance of Black School Educators and director of urban and minority relations for the National School Boards Association. She is a member of the Washington, D.C., Bar Association and a lifetime member of the National Urban League and NAACP. She has written four books including From Rage to Hope and the recently published Dreaming of a PHAT Century.

Speaker Name Topics
Christa Preston Agiro, Andrea Myers and Hannah Chai Best Books: A Menu of Literature for Urban Youth
Samuel Burbanks The Maafa and Western Pedagogy as the Roots of the Educational Dissonance of African Youth
Dr. Sue Brackenhoff, Mrs. Pam Tritsch, and Mrs. Lisa Miller No Excuses University Schools: Creating a College Bound Culture
Flore Chevaillier Classroom Assessment: the “One-Minute” Paper
Willis Bing Davis The Arts as Agents Of Change
Jennifer Dohy and Jesse Bach Guards in the Hallway: Does School Size and Urbanicity influence the Police State in American Schools?
Pamela Ellis Passion, Power and Performance in College Completion: Practices for the 6-12 Pipeline
Brett Everhart Using Research-Based Instructional / Curricular Models in Urban Physical Education
David Estrop Innovations in Urban Schools
Holly Fidler Braiding Together Two School Communities: The North Star Collaborative Model
Brian Harriman
RTI (response to intervention) a classroom discipline and management for the differentiated classroom 
Brenda Harper Urban Administrators Fighting Turnover Fatigue: Perspectives from Urban Principals
Romena M. Garrett Holbert, Melanie N. Woods and Michelle Fleming Passion for All People – Powerful Pedagogies for Preparing Teacher Candidates for Urban Education
Jon Hood Our School Has Gone to the Dogs! – Using a Canine Companion to Seek School Improvement
Albertina Hughey, Jerrie C. Scott, Lloyd G. Haynes
Rhetorical Power: Performances of Literacy Among Urban Students
Mark Kohan and Megan Kreaps Attending to student voice, learning, and leadership through Freedom Writers-inspired afterschool partnership programs
Barbara Loach Authenticity in Teaching: Resources for Maximizing Your Teaching Skills
Marla M. Marsh and Monica M. Marsh The Power of “Yes!”- Creative Suggestions for Passionate Facilitators of Learning
Rochonda L.Nenonene and Pamela Cross Young Urban Teacher Academy: Lessons Learned in Preparing Teachers for the Urban Classroom World of Teaching and Learning
Jack McKnight and Anna Lyon Initiatives in Urban and Rural Education: The Challenge of Poverty and Teacher Preparation
Agatha I. Nnazor A Sociological Framework for Understanding the Participation and Performance of African American Males in Higher Education
Michelle Pineda Project Vantage Point
Susan Plemons Welcome to Room 3C: Compassionate, Compelling Classroom
Diane Ross Developing Cultural Consciousness through Immersion in Kampala, Uganda
JJ Sawyer Collective Efficacy When Improving Student Achievement
Margaret Schauer, Jesse Bach and Carrie Love Class mobility and cultural identity: Understanding social reproduction in urban schools
Nancy Nightingale Schwab Presentation of a New Breakthrough in Early Childhood Literacy: Sound Shapes Precision Phonics
Helen Senu-Oke Over-identification of African American Students for Special Education in Urban School Districts
Kimberly Casey "Will It Be on the Test?": A Closer Look at How Leaders and Parents Think about Accountability in the Public Schools.
Brian Raison Tips for Teaching: Kick-Start Your Talk with Great Opening Lines
Sharon Watson and Christopher Shaffer Learning: A Family Affair
Annis N. Shaver TESOL Strategies in the Mainstream Classroom
Gary Madison Affective Pedagogy
Kwabena D. Ofori-Attah Conditions of Learning in Elementary and High Schools in Ghana: Rural-Urban Dichotomies
Kevin Washington Pedagogy of Empowerment: The Key to Elevating the Warrior Spirit in Black Boys
Chad Brennan Accommodating Cultural Preferences in the Diverse Classroom