Online Comprehensive Bible Program

Online Bible Program - Add Mission to Your Life and Ministry

Update: All technology fees ($35 per credit hour on top of tuition rate) are waived for the 2014–15 academic year.

Whether you’re preparing for ministry, interested in Bible education, or are a missionary in training, Cedarville’s online Bible program will equip you with not only biblical knowledge, but also skills you’ll need to share Truth with passion and confidence.

Whether you are interested in pursuing the complete bachelor’s degree or simply want to take comprehensive Bible study classes for personal enrichment or ministry preparation, this program gives you many flexible options.

Online B.A. in Comprehensive Bible Online Bible Courses (Nondegree)

Online Bible Program Information

Building on a Strong Foundation

The School of Biblical and Theological Studies has been equipping students for effective ministry and outreach since 1887. Offering a highly regarded Bible minor to all of the University’s traditional undergraduate students along with 10 ministry-focused bachelor’s degree options, Cedarville is now expanding this caliber of education to adults through its first-ever, fully online Bible degree and individual Bible class options.

Understanding the Bible

Our Online Bible degree programs provide students with a broad knowledge of the Bible and basic skills for teaching its truths. Embedded within the program’s curriculum are general education requirements, the Bible minor, and in-depth biblical studies courses. For students interested in completing a bachelor’s degree, all courses are offered online in convenient eight-week terms. Transferring previously earned undergraduate credits will reduce time to completion.

Delivering Flexibility

Many individuals already have a degree (or are pursuing one) or are serving as lay leaders within their local church and desire to take Bible classes for personal enrichment or ministry preparation. Online Bible programs offer the flexibility for students to take individual courses of interest or to pursue a Bible certificate or minor.

All courses are offered online in convenient eight-week terms.

Affordability and Convenience

All courses are delivered fully online in convenient eight-week terms. Cedarville’s online learning space is easy to navigate, connect students with classmates around the world, and engages in a highly interactive learning experience.

Tuition is affordable, and financial aid is available for degree-seeking students.