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Frequently Asked Questions About Cedarville's M.B.A.

MBA Graduation 2016
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Admissions Questions

Cedarville University invites applications from bachelor’s degree holders who have a testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. Applicants who meet this criteria and present satisfactory evidence of their ability to perform at the graduate level are admitted to the M.B.A. program. For additional admission criteria, view the M.B.A. admission requirements.

The M.B.A. program admits students for the fall, spring, and summer semesters depending on class size. Students begin courses according to the completion options. Students typically go through the program as a cohort.

Visit the M.B.A. online application to begin or continue your application.

We review applications for admission on a rolling admissions basis. The deadlines posted online represent admission deadlines, not application deadlines. We encourage you to apply before a deadline so that you have ample time to submit your application, collect recommendations, and ensure your transcript(s) have been received.

No; however, the GMAT or GRE may be required for those applicants whose undergraduate GPA is below 2.75.

No, not normally. An interview with Admissions and/or the School of Business faculty may be required for certain applicants. Your interview will be scheduled at a convenient time.

Students are admitted into the M.B.A. program with either unconditional or conditional acceptance. A conditionally accepted student may be required to maintain a 3.0 GPA or may be required to complete prerequisites by taking undergraduate course(s) or an equivalent course(s).

We seek applicants with strong academic and professional backgrounds. Applicants with less than a 2.75 GPA are still encouraged to submit an application. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis before an admission decision is provided. Please contact us with additional questions.

Yes. Students may transfer up to nine hours of credit from an accredited program into Cedarville's M.B.A. program. To request transfer credit, send an official transcript directly from the transfer institution to the Office of the Registrar at Cedarville University.

Once the official transcript is received, the M.B.A. program director or admissions committee will evaluate the transfer request. The Office of the Registrar notifies M.B.A. students by email when approved transfer credits have been added to their transcripts.

Financial Questions

Yes. Graduate students fund their education in various ways. Students can find assistance through scholarships, grants, and loans. Information about these options may be found on the costs and financial aid page.

In addition, many employers provide a tuition assistance program as a benefit to their employees who are pursuing graduate coursework or degrees. Students are encouraged to contact the appropriate personnel at their place of employment for details about their employer's tuition assistance program.

Students applying for federal financial aid should complete the FAFSA. For additional information, view the costs and financial aid page for various graduate loan options.

Students must be enrolled at least half time (four or more credits per semester) to be eligible for federal financial aid.

Cedarville University is committed to offering the M.B.A. program at a cost that is affordable and competitive with programs of similar quality and reputation. More information on the cost of graduate tuition is included on the costs and financial aid page.

View payment and account balances for information related to your student account and student statement.

Program Questions

The Cedarville’s M.B.A. program is approved by the Ohio Board of Regents and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The M.B.A. program will also be reviewed for Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation in 2017 (after the completion of three graduating classes).

Read about Cedarville University's accreditation and the School of Business Administrations's ACBSP accreditation for more information.

Cedarville University offers a concentration in Operations Management designed for engineers and other operational managers that are or will be responsible for the design, planning, control, coordination and improvement of business processes, systems and resources integral to the creation of the firm's products and services. Operations management graduates find career opportunities in engineering, consulting, manufacturing, distribution, retail, transportation, health care, and the public sector.

Students not wishing to pursue this concentration may select from eight elective courses as part of a general M.B.A. We are also exploring additional concentration options for the future.

Depending on your prior academic credit, you may be required to enroll in select prerequisite courses.

  • Business prerequisites include accounting I and II, economics, and business statistics. If you need to satisfy these, Cedarville provides an affordable, at-your-own-pace, non-credit option for completing them online.
  • One of our goals is for you to identify and evaluate business decisions from a Christian perspective. As such, we desire that students have some academic credit in Bible to serve as a foundation for biblical integration.
Please contact us or request program information so we can evaluate your academic transcripts and determine whether any prerequisites are required.

The M.B.A. curriculum is composed of course work, study abroad, and a capstone experience.

  • Course work provides the core foundation of your graduate education. Course work may include assignments, participation in a discussion forum, and group projects.
  • A study abroad opportunity will allow you to explore business topics in the context of a different culture and to interact with global companies.
  • Capstone courses provide a culminating experience for your M.B.A. program. Case studies, vignettes, and student interaction will be used to enhance and achieve your learning outcomes.

Upon admission into the M.B.A. program, you will be assigned a program advisor and a faculty advisor. Your program advisor assists in helping you with graduate processes (e.g., registration, course sequencing, etc.). Your faculty advisor provides career and course advice.

Yes; you may apply during your senior year of your bachelor's degree program. Visit the M.B.A. online application to begin or continue your application.

We recommend two years of work experience for recent graduates. However, depending on a student’s circumstance, it may be advantageous to complete the M.B.A. immediately after your bachelor’s degree. Some students may choose to work at least part time during the program so that they can apply their class knowledge to real-world experiences. In addition, students who work part time may be able to access tuition assistance benefits provided by their employer. Visit the M.B.A. online application to begin or continue your application.

Yes. Many students graduate with non-business degrees but desire promotion to management positions after several years in the workplace. The M.B.A. is the perfect program for you.

Visit the M.B.A. online application to begin or continue your application.

Because the M.B.A. program is online, you do not have to come to campus to complete your M.B.A. degree. However, the M.B.A. faculty welcome visits at any time during your course of study.

Although there is no campus residency requirement for the M.B.A. program, you may interact face-to-face with faculty and other M.B.A. students on the Global Study Tour (part of the BUS-6110 Global Business Perspectives elective).

Students pursuing part-time course work can complete the program in as little as two years. For more information, view the completion options.

You must complete all program requirements within seven years of beginning your course work.

No. An M.B.A. student will work on a project for the capstone course, but a formal thesis is not required.

Information Technology (IT) provides hardware and software recommendations. Keeping your computer up-to-date and using the recommended software will help ensure you’re always able to complete course requirements.

Registration Questions

Yes. To enroll in a course, either as a degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking student, you must be admitted to the University through Graduate Admissions before you can register for classes. For admission criteria, view the M.B.A. admission requirements.

All graduate course registrations are completed through the Office of the Registrar using a web-based interface called Student Planning. Reference Graduate and Adult Programs Registration for more information.

Consult with your program advisor for advice on degree planning. Upon admission into a graduate program, each student is assigned a program advisor. Your program advisor provides guidance throughout the course of study.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

Graduate course schedules are provided by the Office of the Registrar and prepared prior to each graduate term. Registration begins in March for the summer and fall semesters and in October for the spring semester.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

Access Student Planning for your current class schedule.

Access Student Planning for your current class schedule.

A closed class requires permission from the course instructor. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Each student is strongly encouraged to review their class schedule for accuracy in Student Planning. Please discuss any discrepancies immediately with your advisor or with the Office of the Registrar.

Textbooks may be purchased through the University Bookstore using Cedarville's Textbook Comparison, which provides pricing information for Cedarville options plus various other bookstores (e.g., Amazon,, etc.). This helps you make an informed decision to locate the best possible price.

The Office of the Registrar is located in Cedarville University's Stevens Student Center in the lower level. View the campus map for more information.