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About the M.Ed.

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For decades Cedarville University has been known to produce outstanding educators. Education professionals from the Christian, public, and private sectors eagerly seek Cedarville graduates because of the University's reputation for preparing excellent classroom teachers. Our graduate program builds upon this strength by offering courses and a master's degree program designed to enhance the effectiveness of practicing educators.


The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is designed to assist previous or current licensed teachers with increasing their professional effectiveness. Although the M.Ed. program is a non-licensure program, many course requirements may satisfy requirements for teacher licensure.

This dynamic program will prepare teachers to assume leadership roles in their schools and in the education profession. The practical focus of the courses also serves those not seeking a degree, but desiring recertification or licensure. Teachers with ACSI or state certification can use the course work to upgrade from an initial provisional license to a professional license.

The curriculum is characterized by flexibility. The course schedule is configured so that class times complement the schedules of active teaching professionals.


  • The M.Ed. program will prepare teacher leaders who are effective communicators.
  • The M.Ed. program will prepare teacher leaders who are knowledgeable scholars.
  • The M.Ed. program will prepare teacher leaders who are resourceful curriculum planners.
  • The M.Ed. program will prepare teacher leaders who are student-centered, reflective instructors.
  • The M.Ed. program will prepare teacher leaders who are lifelong learners.
  • The M.Ed. program will enable students to apply theoretical models, computer simulations, and laboratory experimentation to quantitatively analyze systems.
  • The M.Ed. program will equip students to use tools and analysis techniques to systematically solve problems.
  • The M.Ed. program will develop work-team strategies for problem solving.
  • The M.Ed. program will enhance oral and written communication skills and provide opportunities to practice those skills in a variety of settings.
  • The M.Ed. program will present a biblical model of the laws of nature, philosophy of education, and an understanding of the created world.