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Frequently Asked Questions About Cedarville's M. Min.

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Admissions Questions

Cedarville University invites applications to the Master of Ministry (M.Min.) program from those who:

  • Have a profession of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution (preferred GPA of  2.3 or higher)

For admission criteria, view the M.Min. admission requirements. Please review program deadlines for consideration.

Applicants must also affirm their commitment to the Cedarville Covenant and agree to abide by the graduate student handbook. Applicants should review the University’s doctrinal statement to understand our beliefs and Christian heritage, which serves as the foundation for our community.

The School of Biblical and Theological Studies and University Admissions review the qualifications of each applicant on an individual basis. Applicants who present satisfactory evidence of their ability to perform at the graduate level are admitted to the M.Min. program. Cedarville University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.

We encourage you to apply early for admission to Cedarville. As the applicant, you are responsible for gathering and submitting all the necessary documents required to complete your application.

New students can begin this program in the fall semester (August or October), students may also begin in the spring semester (January or March). We are exploring the opportunity for a summer (May) start as well.

While there is no set application deadline, there is a set deadline for an admission decision and reservation deposit. The application and interview process can take between three and six weeks, depending on when application materials are received and the schedule for an on-campus interview. For admission criteria, view the M.Min. admission requirements. Please review program deadlines for consideration.

No interview is required with the program faculty/representative. 

We seek applicants with strong academic and professional backgrounds. Applicants with less than a 2.3 GPA are still encouraged to submit an application. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis before an admission decision is provided. Please contact us with additional questions.

Please call 937-766-8000 for additional information.  You can also send your unofficial transcripts to and we can have them reviewed to see what credit can transfer in.

Financial Questions

Yes. Graduate students fund their education in various ways. Students can find assistance through scholarships, grants, and loans. Information about these options may be found on the costs and financial aid page.

Students applying for federal financial aid should complete the FAFSA. For additional information, view the costs and financial aid page for various graduate loan options.

Students must be enrolled at least half time (four or more credits per semester) to be eligible for federal financial aid.

Cedarville University is committed to offering the M. Min. program at a cost that is affordable and competitive with programs of similar quality and reputation. More information on the cost of graduate tuition is included on the costs and financial aid page.

View payment and account balances for information related to your student account and student statement.

Program Questions

Yes. Cedarville University, including the M.Min. program, holds membership in the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This membership signifies that the program is accredited.

The M.Min. program offers courses that focus on biblical interpretation, theology, and application. The goal of the program is to offer students, at an accelerated pace, a biblical and practical baseline to engage in fruitful ministry. Rigorous course work and a substantial ministry internship will accomplish these purposes.

There are no prerequisite requirements are needed to pursue a Master in Ministry degree.

Students will engage in a learning process that emphasizes the head (cognitive), heart (character), and hand (competence). The M.Min. program is structured in a way that will cause students to be challenged in the classroom, encouraged through meaningful relationships, and prepared by practical ministry experience.

Please call 937-766-8000 for additional information.

Yes, you may apply during your senior year of your bachelor's degree program. Visit the M. Min. online application to begin or continue your application.

No. In fact, one of the objectives of the program is to help each student engage in a substantial ministry internship.

Though the M.Min. program would be helpful for a student who is moving toward pastoral ministry, it has been created in such a way that ministry-minded students from any discipline can participate in this unique program. We believe having students from a variety of ages and disciplines only adds to the overall effectiveness to the program.

Students pursuing full-time course work can complete the program in as little as one year. For more information, view the completion options.

If students choose to participate part time in the M.Min. program, they will have up to five years to complete the degree.

No. The intensive ministry internship is the capstone experience of the M.Min. program.

Information Technology (IT) provides hardware and software recommendations. Keeping your computer up-to-date and using the recommended software will help ensure you’re always able to complete course requirements.

Registration Questions

Yes. To enroll in a course, either as a degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking student, you must be admitted to the University through Graduate Admissions before you can register for classes. 

All graduate course registrations are completed through the Office of the Registrar using a web-based interface called Student Planning. Reference Graduate and Adult Programs Registration for more information.

Consult with your program advisor for advice on degree planning. Upon admission into a graduate program, each student is assigned a program advisor. Your program advisor provides guidance throughout the course of study.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

Graduate course schedules are provided by the Office of the Registrar and prepared prior to each graduate term. Registration begins in March for the summer and fall semesters and in October for the spring semester.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

View the graduate course schedules page for course offerings for your program.

Access Student Planning for your current class schedule.

Access Student Planning for your current class schedule.

A closed class requires permission from the course instructor. Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Each student is strongly encouraged to review their class schedule for accuracy in Student Planning. Please discuss any discrepancies immediately with your advisor or with the Office of the Registrar.

Textbooks may be purchased through the University Bookstore using Cedarville's Textbook Comparison, which provides pricing information for Cedarville options plus various other bookstores (e.g., Amazon, etc.). This helps you make an informed decision to locate the best possible price.

The Office of the Registrar is located in Cedarville University's Stevens Student Center in the lower level. View the campus map for more information.