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Program Completion

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Completion Options

The M.Min. program offers both online (7-week) and residential (15-week) courses with full- and part-time completion options. 

Full-Time Completion

Cedarville's M.Min. program is intended for full-time completion in just one year. Students may take 16 hours of course work each semester for two consecutive semesters. All courses must be completed prior to the ministry internship (6 credits) at the end of the program. This completion option may be ideal for a recent college graduate or someone who wants to receive this degree in as little time as possible.

Part-Time Completion

A more flexible part-time completion is available for students who need to balance life, family, work, and ministry with this program. Once you begin, you are permitted up to five years to complete this degree. Because M.Min. courses don't require sequencing, you may enroll in any class when it's offered based on your availability.