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Master of Science in Nursing - What's New for Fall 2016
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Course KeyCourse Title
NSG-1000Member of Nursing Profession
NSG-1050Health Promotion and Wellness
NSG-1055Experiences in Health Promotion
NSG-2000Roles in Disease Prevention
NSG-2050Roles in Disease Management
NSG-2060Clinical Immersion
NSG-2200Crosscultural Interactions
NSG-3000Care of Ill Adults
NSG-3010Care of Women & Newborns
NSG-3030Care of Children
NSG-3050Behavioral & Mental Health Care
NSG-3200Cross-Cultural Nursing Internship
NSG-3800Nursing Externship
NSG-3930Nursing Research & EBP
NSG-4000Care of Populations
NSG-4020Leadership & Management
NSG-4030Complex Care Management
NSG-4060Transition Into Practice
NSG-4200Culture and Health
NSG-4400Special Topics
NSG-4800Independent Study in Nursing
NSG-4950Seminar in Nursing
NSG-5000Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
NSG-5020Advanced Health/Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning
NSG-5030Advanced Pharmacology
NSG-5050Research for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NSG-6020Advanced Concepts in the Care of Adults
NSG-6025Advanced Practice for the Care of Adults for FNP
NSG-6050Professional Role Development and Health Care Leadership
NSG-6060Healthcare Economics and Policy
NSG-6070Principles of Evidence Based Nursing Practice
NSG-6080Biblical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice
NSG-6150Advanced Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Genomics for APRN
NSG-6155Advanced Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Genomics
NSG-6160Advanced Pharmacology for APRN
NSG-6165Advanced Pharmacology
NSG-6170Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning for APRN
NSG-6175Advanced Health/Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning
NSG-6200Philosophy and Theology of Health, Healing, and Illness
NSG-6210Global Health and Vulnerable Populations
NSG-6230Population Based Health Care Management
NSG-6240Practicum I
NSG-6250Practicum II
NSG-6310Advanced Concepts and Practice in the Care of Adults
NSG-6315Advanced Concepts and Practice in the Care of Older Adults
NSG-6320Advanced Concepts and Practice in the Care of Women
NSG-6325Advanced Concepts and Practice in the Care of Children
NSG-6380MSN Capstone I
NSG-6390MSN Capstone II
NSG-6400Foundations of Nursing Education
NSG-6410Teaching and Learning Strategies for Nurse Educators