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Connect with the CU Community

Campus or Virtual Tour

Cedarville offers personalized visits for graduate and adult students that allow you to meet with University Admissions, your program advisor, a Financial Aid representative, and include a campus tour specially geared for graduate or adult students. To schedule your visit, contact University Admissions. Or, visit online by taking a virtual tour.

Weekday Chapels

If you live in the immediate Cedarville area or visit campus, join the student body in the Dixon Ministry Center for worship and learning from the Word of God. Outside of the immediate Cedarville area, you can listen to chapel in various formats. For more information, visit the Chapel Information website.

Cedarville Events

There's always something happening at Cedarville! You are invited to participate in a wide array of activities. For more information, visit the following Cedarville Events websites:

Cedarville Chapters

The Cedarville University (CU) Alumni Association invites you, as a current student, and your guests to join with other Cedarville family members to meet the CU Chapter team and hear what is new and exciting at CU! For more information, visit the following CU Chapters websites: