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University Bookstore

Welcome to the University Bookstore! We are so glad you have chosen Cedarville and look forward to assisting you with your course material needs! Our goal is to provide you with information so that you can get the right materials for your courses for the right price.

This section provides an overview of specific resources necessary and available from the University Bookstore.

Students can find textbook information for each semester in the following locations:

  1. Visit the Textbook Lookup Area:
    • Select the Academic Term
    • Select by Department Designator (e.g., ECS-XXXX, MGMT-XXXX, NSG-XXXX)
    • Select by the Course Number (e.g., XXX-7000, XXX-6710, XXX-6050)
    • Select the Section (e.g., 01, 02, 03), which includes the Course Instructor Name.
    • Review the Required Materials section and select the best options for your needs.
  2. Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Graduate Course Schedules.
    • Select a Semester and Course Session.
    • Select a Department and Subject to locate your course information.
    • Select the View Textbook link next to each course to view your textbook information.

You can purchase or rent new or used textbooks from Cedarville’s University Bookstore, or from our competitors. If you order from the University Bookstore, you are assured to get the right book, and you won’t have to wait up to three weeks for your materials like you may with some of our competitors. Plus, we have no-hassle returns within the open return period. We can ship anywhere in the world and most in-stock books ship within one–two business days.

Whether you are looking for new or used books, e-books, or you want to rent a book for a course, Cedarville’s Textbook Comparison site provides pricing information for Cedarville options plus multiple other bookstores (e.g., Amazon,, etc.,).  This helps you make an informed decision to get the best possible price.

We want to earn your business through competitive pricing and service, but it’s OK if you find a lower price with one of our competitors. If you go through the Cedarville Textbook Comparison site for your books, there is no markup to you, but the University receives an advertising commission, which helps us to keep your overall costs lower.

Online textbook rental options are available on the Textbook Comparison site through our partnership with Bookstore Solutions. Students may also access the rental option through the in-store kiosk when visiting Cedarville.  

Whether you rent your textbooks online or through the in-store kiosk, you must return rented books at the end of the semester to Cedarville’s bookstore or to Bookstore Solutions. If you decide to purchase the rented textbook, you can keep the textbook and Bookstore Solutions will charge your credit card for the balance between the purchase price and what you paid for the rental.

Once you arrive at the Textbook Comparison site for your course, you will find information about your textbook requirements.  You will find one of three textbook status options:

  • Required –The text is required by the professor and should be acquired for the course.
  • Recommended – These are supplemental readings that are not required and assignments will not be given on these materials. They have been recommended by the instructor as materials that will enhance the learning experience in the course.
  • No Text Required –There are no textbooks required for this course.

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