Principal Licensure Curriculum

Principal Licensure Program Education Leadership
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Principal Licensure Courses (32 credits)
Course No. Course Title Credits
EDA-6100 Educational Leadership Theory 3
EDA-6560 Organizational Administration 3
EDA-6600 or
The Principalship: Early Childhood to Young Adolescence or
The Principalship: Adolescence to Young Adult
EDA-6900 Assessing Classroom Performance† 3
EDA-7050 Curriculum Development for Instruction‡ 3
EDA-7100 School Finance 3
EDA-7150 School Law 3
EDA-7200 Pupil Services Programs 3
EDA-7300 Building Level Personnel 3
EDA-7600 Building Collaborative Schools 3
EDA-7960 Principal Internship 3

† Substitute for EDU-6300 Program and Outcomes Assessment in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program.
‡ Substitute for ECS-7000 Curriculum Theory: Analysis and Design in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program.

Required Software

All graduate education students are required to have access to a current LiveText membership for classes. Students may purchase or renew a current LiveText student membership directly from LiveText.