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Completion Plan

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Cedarville is equipping K–12 teachers with an online graduate reading endorsement.

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Required Software

All graduate education students are required to have access to a current LiveText membership for classes. Students may purchase or renew a current LiveText student membership directly from LiveText.

Cedarville's Graduate Reading Endorsement program is designed for part-time completion in about a year and includes four online courses and three field experiences — one each in early childhood (K–3), middle childhood (4–8) and high school (9–12).

Following is an example of a part-time course schedule based on a fall term start. Actual graduate course schedules may vary and should be confirmed with the Office of the Registrar before the start of each term.

Part-time Completion Plan

Year Semester 8-week Session Course Number Course Name (Credits) Delivery
1 Fall 2 EDR-6000 Linguistic and Language Development for Teachers (3) Online
Spring 1 EDR-6200* Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading (3) Online
2 EDR-6300 Adolescent Reading: Theory and Practice (3) Online
Summer 1 EDR-6100 Literacy Issues and Trends (4)
2 Fall n/a EDR-6250*
Supervised Field Experience, K–3 (1)
Supervised Field Experience, Middle (1)
Supervised Field Experience, Secondary (1)

* Not applicable for Cedarville education alumni who qualify. See below for details.

Courses Sequencing

Prerequisites for all field experiences: EDR-6000. Field experiences may be completed concurrently or consecutively in any order.

Prerequisite for EDR-6250: Taken after or concurrently with EDR-6200

Prerequisite for EDR-6350 and -6375: Taken after or concurrently with EDR-6300


Prospective students, please contact University Admissions. Current students, please contact your program advisor.