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An investigative approach to selected mathematics topics which are taught in middle schools. Topics include logic, mathematics modeling, formulating, and problem solving in both mathematical and every day life situations. Real world connections with opportunities for exploration and communication by written, oral, and technological presentations are provided. Prerequisite: EDUC-2800 Principles of Math II.

Academic Level:
Education [ED]
Education Middle Childhood [EDMC]
Terms Offered:
(Term Legend)
2017FA, 2016FA, 2015FA, 2014FA, 2013FA, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012SP, 2011S4, 2011SP, 2010FA, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009SP, 2008SP, 2007SP, 2006SP, 2005SP, 2004SP, 2003SP
Course Offerings by Term
TermSectInstructorMeeting Location/Days/TimeCapUsed
2017FA01Mrs. Lori FergusonAPP 115 HYB W 11:00AM-12:50PM
Dates: 08/23/17-11/01/17