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Reading Endorsement Curriculum

graduate studies at Cedarville University

Cedarville is equipping K–12 teachers with an online graduate reading endorsement.

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The reading courses in Cedarville’s Reading Endorsement program are designed to meet Ohio endorsement requirements.

This program includes two principles courses, Linguistic and Language Development for Teachers and Literacy Issues and Trends. It also includes two courses focused on teaching methodology, Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading and Adolescent Reading: Theory and Practice.

The three field experiences require 30–40 hours of working with students at the various age-ranges, but those experiences may be tailored to fit your schedule, location, and available opportunities. These experiences may be done within schools or in such situations as reading tutoring, church literacy programs, or homeless shelters, etc. For your convenience, they may be done during the school year, after school, or during the summer or school breaks. You will need to be supervised by either a licensed educator or an administrator of the program in which the field experience is taking place.

In addition to the required courses and field experience, teacher candidates are required to pass the required state assessment in reading prior to receiving the endorsement.

Reading Endorsement Courses (16 credits)
Course No. Course Title Hours
EDR-6000 Linguistic and Language Development for Teachers 3
EDR-6100 Literacy Issues and Trends 4
EDR-6200 Diagnosis and Intervention in Reading 3
EDR-6300 Adolescent Reading: Theory and Practice 3
EDR-6250 Supervised Field Experience, K–3 1
EDR-6350 Supervised Field Experience, Middle 1
EDR-6375 Supervised Field Experience, Secondary 1

Program Prerequisites

Applicants who hold the Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA), multi-age, or career technical license must have completed a prerequisite of nine credit hours of undergraduate or graduate level reading coursework before being admitted as well as a course in phonics. All other applicants must have completed the prerequisite twelve semester credit hours of undergraduate or graduate level reading sequence coursework before being admitted which includes one phonics course.

Required Software

All graduate education students are required to have access to a current LiveText membership for classes. Students may purchase or renew a current LiveText student membership directly from LiveText.