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Season of Change: Pastor Rohm Talks About Change at Cedarville

The Cedarville family is walking through a season of change. Dr. Bill Brown is completing the 10th year of his presidency and preparing to transition into the role of chancellor, along with Dr. Paul Dixon. We’ll celebrate Dr. Brown and Lynne’s legacy in the coming months, even as the presidential search has already begun.

Earlier this month, Dr. Carl Ruby ’83, Vice President for Student Life, announced that he would conclude his service to the University. Dr. Ruby’s impact has been profound, and saying good-bye on January 15 was not an easy day. Our students declared it Ruby Tuesday, honoring a man who has influenced students’ lives for nearly 30 years.

Higher education is changing, too. New expectations. New priorities. New pressures. Cedarville University is not immune. We must adapt in order to thrive in the 21st century. For example, later this week our Board of Trustees will discuss budget priorities and assess academic programs. We are making strategic (yet sometime difficult) choices while focusing on affordability and investing in student scholarships.

While we talk about change, there are also important things that are not changing ... like our core values and doctrinal commitments that help to define Cedarville's unique place in Christ-centered higher education. The essence of our identity exists not only in the vision of our leaders, but in all of us who invest our lives here.

Some of these significant changes have raised questions, concerns, and even some criticism. We asked campus pastor Bob Rohm '68 to provide some perspective.