Cedarville Students sing alongside young children at a church service.

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Church Connect - Serving the Lord through the Local Church

Opportunities for your Church:

School of Pharmacy

During the third year of the pharmacy professional program, students focus their practical experiences in the area of pharmacy service learning. This aligns with our mission to raise up servant leaders who will be mission minded (specific focus on serving the underserved), and innovative in their thinking as they provide solutions to needs in their communities. Student have to complete 100 service hours during their third year.

One aspect of the service learning requirements is all of our pharmacy professional students need to complete up to 40 hours immersed in a diverse culture serving to improve public health. We are looking to come alongside churches who would welcome healthcare and education and also have a similar purpose, mission, and culturally diverse setting. Having our students and faculty pharmacists serve in a local medical clinic, provide public health education, and screen for common chronic diseases are just a few of the activities that we have completed in the past.

Another part of the vision for this particular experiential year is to serve communities through the local church. The School of Pharmacy desires to partner with churches to provide similar activities that are mentioned above with the hopes of improving the community’s health, holistically. This could also can serve as an outreach for the church to serve and connect people to the local body.

If you are interested in your church connecting with this opportunity, please contact Dr. Thad Franz, Vice Chair of Experiential Programs, School of Pharm., tfranz@cedarville.edu or 937.766.4985.

Athletic Division

CU athletic teams are interested in serving in the community. In the past they have done sport clinics, served and engaged with kids at church events like Harvest Parties, done cleanup or landscaping work at the homes of the elderly or others who need help, and hanging out with refugee kids. They are terrific role models and many have a heart to serve, especially with kids.

Any interested pastors should contact Stephanie Zonars, szonars@cedarville.edu or 937.766.6150 to set something up for the fall of 2018. The athletic department is also considering having a Day of Service, but no date has been set. Stephanie serves as the Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Sponsorships and Senior Woman Administrator.

Response Deadline - 4/30/2018