Cedarville Students sing alongside young children at a church service.

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Church Connect - Serving the Lord through the Local Church
Opportunities for your Church:

  • The Cedarville University Pastors Conference with 9Marks is November 6-7, 2018

    • The theme is "Discipleship & Growth" from the 9Marks of a Healthy Church. The focus is that Scripture teaches that a live Christian is a growing Christian (2 Pet. 1:8-10). Scripture also teaches that we grow not only by instruction but by imitation (1 Cor. 4:16 ; 11:1). Therefore churches should exhort their members to both to grow in holiness and help others do the same. The conference sessions will focus on 3 key questions: What is it? Where is it in the Bible? and Why is it important? For more information click here.


Please check back here for future details.