Cedarville Students sing alongside young children at a church service.

Pastor Recommendation Scholarship

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  • The Pastor Recommendation Scholarship (PRS) is a university funded scholarship that only pastors can award. It is designed to strengthen the ties between Cedarville University and gospel preaching pastors who wish to support their students who would like to pursue Christ-centered higher education at Cedarville. Pastors must be recognized as an official pastor of the church. Students must be members or regular attenders of the same church. This $1000 Cedarville tuition scholarship will be awarded over two consecutive semesters, $500 is applied to first semester and $500 is applied to the second semester.Students must be entering the university as new full-time undergraduate in order to receive this scholarship. Other terms and conditions are listed on the scholarship form.
  • Pastors may request a scholarship form(s) by contacting Bruce Traeger, Director of Church Relations. Scholarship forms are uniquely numbered, may not be duplicated and must be received via postal mail [international churches excepted].
  • Pastors must sign, date and complete the form. Then award the scholarship to the student who must read, sign and date the form.
  • The student should mail the scholarship form to: CU Financial Aid Office, 251 N. Main St., Cedarville, OH 45314.