Cedarville Students sing alongside young children at a church service.

Pastor Recommendation Scholarship

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  • The Pastor Recommendation Scholarship (PRS) is a university funded scholarship that only pastors can award. It is designed to strengthen the ties between Cedarville University and gospel preaching churches in support of Christ-centered higher education. This $1000 Cedarville tuition scholarship may be awarded by any pastor on staff at a church. $500 is applied to first semester and $500 is applied to the second semester (student must attend two consecutive semesters as a full-time student in order to receive this scholarship). 
  • Pastors may request a scholarship form(s) by contacting the Church Relations Office. Scholarship forms are uniquely numbered, may not be duplicated and must be received via postal mail.
  • Pastors must sign, date and complete the form. Then award the scholarship to the student who must read, sign and date the form. 
  • The student should mail the scholarship form to: CU Financial Aid Office, 251 N. Main St., Cedarville, OH 45314.