Cedarville Students sing alongside young children at a church service.

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As an outgrowth of our mission to connect churches with the resources of Cedarville University, the Church Relations department maintains a list of Bible professors along with other qualified faculty, staff, and students who are available to serve the local church through the ministry of preaching.

Speakers are available for specific Sundays or extended ministry needs. All teach and preach biblical truth consistent with the Cedarville University doctrinal statement.

To request a speaker, please contact Church Relations at 937-766-7607 or email Bruce Traeger. We look forward to serving you!

Fast Facts

  • The pulpit supply team includes Cedarville faculty, staff, and students who sign and affirm the University’s doctrinal statement.
  • Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds with various ministry experiences.
  • Specific arrangements for the speaking opportunity – including date, time, honorarium, and travel arrangements – will be coordinated by the church and the pulpit supply member.
  • When making arrangements with the speaker, please discuss arrival arrangements, order of service, technology needs, preferred version of Scripture (if applicable), and other general questions.
Photo of Tim Abel

Tim Abel

Assistant Director of Church Relations

  • Location DMC 176
  • phone-handset 937-766-7607
  • Email Email
Photo of Bruce Traeger

Bruce Traeger

Director of Church Relations

  • Location DMC 177
  • phone-handset 937-766-7662
  • Email Email