London Spring Break Trip 2019


Every academic program should prepare you to think critically, communicate effectively, and engage your world for Jesus Christ. Several departments combine career training and ministry together on a Global Outreach trip.

Host missionaries have found these teams extremely helpful. One example is an engineering team that has improved the quality of electrical power, designed a telephone system, developed an accounting procedure, and much more. In addition to work projects, team members served in a "bush church" service, participated in African Christian church services, and did street evangelism.

Contact the Global Outreach office or a team leader listed below for more information.

Academic Global Outreach Trips for 2013–14

Team Location Dates Leader
Pharmacy Jamaica TBD Melody Hartzler
Alumni Medical Swaziland TBD Jeff Beste
Nursing Alaska TBD Dr. Janet Conway (coordinator)
Medical Missions Congo TBD Dr. Melissa Hartman (coordinator)
Nursing Togo TBD Dr. Lois Baker
Dr. Irene Alyn
MSN Peru TBD Dr. Clifford Fawcett
Nursing Swaziland TBD Marsha Swinehart (coordinator)