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Teaching English

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) has become a very popular medium for evangelization. Because of the demand for learning English worldwide, mission agencies serving Germany, Hungary, and Japan have requested our students to assist in their ministries by preparing an organized study program. When local churches and missionaries get word out that English classes are being offered, the available space fills up quickly. Levels of knowledge vary from none to fairly fluent. In some situations our students are permitted to use the Bible as a literature course for the more advanced learner. Every situation, however, lends itself to opportunities for friendship evangelism.

Many people who attend these classes have never come to a church before, but because they are interested in learning English, they will come in for that reason. It may be that a language class is more neutral ground. Once trust is established and friendships are built people are more willing to accept the truths of the gospel. Many team members keep in contact with their students long after they return to their homes. National pastors and missionaries do maintain a follow-up program resulting from the ministry.

Team members do not have to be English majors. Most programs are geared to teach fundamentals. Teams meet regularly to plan, learn teaching techniques, and prepare spiritually.

Contact the Global Outreach office or a team leader listed below for more information.

Teaching English Global Outreach Trips for 2013-14

Team Location Dates Leader
TESL Hungary TBD Dr. Merlin Ager