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Global Outreach Trips for 2017–18

Contact the Global Outreach office or a team leader listed below for more information.


Team Type Dates Leader Description
Discipleship Navajo Oct. 14–21, 2017 Aaron Cook Serve in a Mission school
Houston Relief Service work / Evangelism Oct. 14–21, 2017 Keith Holcomb Serve through Northeast Houston Baptist Church mission

Spring Break


Team Type Dates Leader Description
Atlanta Refugee Refugee March 3–10 Tom Kim Serve the community of kids, adults, Muslims, and more with service activities and fun events
Baptist Children’s Home (MI) Work projects / Children March 3–10 Leah Vance Participate in work projects at children’s home in rural Michigan and interact with the children at the home.
Dearborn Muslim March 3–10 Participate in mission outreach/evangelism and learn about Islam and Middle Eastern Culture.
Inner City Impact Children March 3–10 Rachel Leake / Amy Adams Minister to children by tutoring/assisting in the classroom at a Christian school and participating in Bible Clubs/evening activities.
NYC Outreach Church Ministry / Community Outreach March 3–11 Minister to the homeless/low income population in a variety of settings and street evangelism in NYC.
Service Over Self Construction March 4–9 Andy Arrequin Renovate homes of economically disadvantaged homeowners in hopes of sharing the Gospel.


Team Type Dates Leader Description
Dominican Republic Dental March 2–9 Michael / Melissa Burns Provide basic dental and medical care while spreading the Gospel.
Ecuador Children’s Ministry / Work Project March 2–11 Priscila Gonzalez Partner with missionaries to minister to children in the nearby communities involving the local schools and VBS.
Eleuthera Youth / Children March 3–10 Ryan Liming Work with youth in public schools by hosting a gospel event, after school events and connecting with a local youth camp.
Haiti Construction / Children March 2–9 Leanne Rubosky Involves food distribution, evangelism, visiting children in the orphanage and a work project.
Honduras Dental / Medical March 2–11 Olivia Benitez / Caston Rowse Provide basic medical/dental/vision care, medications, and health education while sharing the Gospel.
Ivory Coast Medical / Children’s & Sport Ministry March 2–10 Tom Mach Partner with mission clinic to provide healthcare as well as minister through evangelism, children’s ministry & sport’s ministry.
London College Evangelism March 2–10 Mike Slagle CRU Communicate the Gospel and live your faith in a post-Christian context at top universities in London.
Mexico MK Camp Child / Youth Camp March 2–11 Josie Grooms (SL) Work as counselors & activity directors for spiritual emphasis camp serving locals, international students & the missionary community from Mexico.
Middle East Athletic Training March 1–10 Rebecca Stokes Team will run coaches clinics.
Peru AMG Children’s Ministry March 3–11 Ken Ivins AMG / Jordan Farley (SL) Work with children in childcare singing songs, doing drama, sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways, and bringing the Gospel to life.


Team Type Dates Leader Description
Alaska Nursing May–June Janet Neal Nursing Juniors serve at the Cross Road Medical Center in clinic duty and teach Bible lessons to children in native villages.
Bolivia Engineering July–Aug. Fred Harmon Engineering students build and test wells in rural areas and share testimonies and presentations in churches.
Brazil Volleyball Aug. 3–11 Doug Walters / Abby Shelton
China General Ministries May Curtis Cline Team explores China while meeting wonderful Chinese young people and learning the language and culture. They receive hands on experience teaching English, participating in sports ministry, building friendships and sharing the Gospel.
Czech Republic Youth Camp July 23–Aug. 8 Renee Coffman Team serving as counselors and staff at an outreach youth camp by teaching English.
Dominican Republic Softball May Wes Rowe / Kelsey Chapman
Germany Outreach camps Mid July–Aug. Team will serve in an ESL kids day camp or a teen camp leading worship, devotions, food prep.
Haiti Construction / Children May Leslie Pence (SL) Ministry involves food distribution, evangelism, visiting children in the orphanage and a work project.
Honduras Nursing July 1–22
India Interdisciplinary July Pete Savard Team of multidisciplinary faculty and students will work with Pastor Shravan Kumar and Solomon and Amy Darwin in nearby Mori, India in Kadali using our collective talents to help the local pastors and teachers leverage the spread of the gospel.
India Pharmacy June–July Thad Franz Team consists of pharmacy students that serve in 4 different Bible centers to provide teaching on various health topics and the Word of God.
Italy English Camp June Team ministers as counselors & staff by participating in games, crafts, and music and English class helpers.
Italy Orchestra May 6–17 Carlos Elias
Kosovo Leadership / STEM May Bekah Brewer Build one-on-one relationships with students, teachers, and staff through teaching, mentoring and serving. Opportunities exist to use sports, music, drams, photography, science, math, global business, history, engineering, industrial & innovative design and more.
Mexico Sports July–Aug. Team will run a basketball camp each day and reach out to the kids and youth of La Paz, MX in a youth center each evening.
Peru Bible Distribution May–June Team will participate in service projects in local churches and trek to villages and schools in remote areas to distribute Bibles and present the Gospel.
Philippines Nursing May–June Nursing Faculty Nursing Juniors serve at the Shalom Birthing Center in clinic duty, off-site prenatal outreach, community Bible Studies, primary care clinics and homestays with Shalom staff.
Romania Med / Pharmacy / Nursing July 24–Aug. 7 Nancy Voorhies Team provides medical diagnosis & care with distribution of free meds, eyeglasses & hearing aids to underprivileged gypsies.
Swaziland Nursing / Pre-med May–June Kim Jenerette (Coach) Team serves with and supports roles for mobile medical ministry. All types of majors and skills are welcome; social work, photography, nursing, IT, business, finances and education.
Togo Nursing May 6–21 Nursing Faculty Nursing team serves at Hospital Baptiste Biblique.
Turkey (Western Asia) Children / Youth June 12–July 3 Team serves as counselors at a “holiday adventure” for international children and youth.
Zimbabwe Nursing Nursing Faculty Nursing Juniors serve in a hospital setting with missionary and national medical staff and nursing schools.