London Spring Break Trip 2019

Music and Drama

Music and drama teams have served with missionaries in Australia, Europe, and South America. Oftentimes, local churches are able to appeal to unchurched people who may otherwise not attend a regular worship service. These teams serve through performances at churches, schools, universities, shopping areas, nursing homes, public parks, or wherever they may be likely to attract public attention.

Besides performing, these teams are prepared to be used in whatever way they can be of service to the local ministry. They may do door-to-door canvassing, distribute literature, or minister through friendship evangelism. They have also served missionaries through work projects at local churches.

Music and drama teams are selected through an audition and interview process. No more than six hours of rehearsals are required each week throughout the spring semester. Teams will also prepare for the cultural environment, prepare testimonies, and pray specifically for missionaries and opportunities for impact.

For an example of a Global Outreach music team ministry, view the OneVoice Sings@ Hillsong in Sydney, Australia (summer 2011).

Contact the Global Outreach office or a team leader listed below for more information.