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Missions Involvement - Nursing/Pre-med Teams

Nursing Teams The nursing program was added to Cedarville University in 1981. Since that time there have been eighteen teams of nursing and pre-med people who have traveled with MIS. They have served in the Central African Republic, Niger, Togo, Bangladesh, Thailand, Scotland, Brazil, Alaska, and New Mexico. These teams are led by the nursing professors, and on occasion, maybe an approved medical professional from outside the University. The usual requirement for these teams is to be a junior or senior nursing major.

These teams work in hospitals/clinics that maintain an established work through an approved mission agency. Besides their educational experience here, students are briefed and oriented about what to expect during their ministry in a foreign culture. Often the conditions are much more primitive than here in the states and hours may be long and tiring. However, the ministry will provide opportunities for students to use their education and experience situations in which they may never be involved in this country. The work involves medical/surgical, pediatric, obstetric, and some emergency nursing. Ministering to a person's physical condition affords wonderful opportunities for our students to initiate conversation through a translator concerning the spiritual condition of these people as well.

Some teams, if the situation allows, may incorporate other programs of service during their ministry. They have conducted vacation Bible school, taught adult Bible classes from an instructional perspective, and have displayed a servant's heart by doing day-to-day tasks such as doing laundry or cleaning floors. There are a few pre-med teams offered each year.

Students desiring to minister in this way complete the application process: meet together weekly for orientation, prayer, and spiritual unity; and raise financial and prayer support through interested donors. They also send a report to the donors upon their return.