London Spring Break Trip 2019

Shepherds Ministries, Wisconsin

Ministry Overview

Shepherds Ministries exists to glorify Jesus Christ by supporting people with developmental disabilities to reach their potential. They provide compassionate Christian care, vocational education and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, helping them attain Appropriate Independence with fulfilling jobs and lives, while also providing for their spiritual development

Typical Day of Ministry

  • Breakfast with your team members
  • Serve alongside residents in activities such as vocational greenhouse, laundry, janitorial duties, etc.
  • Provide chapel program for residents
  • Lunch with staff and residents
  • Serve alongside residents in activities such as kitchen, gym class, etc.
  • Dinner with your team


$200 per person

This cost is based on a team of 8 people and covers housing, meals, and transportation.

You can ask your church or youth group to help support your costs but, unfortunately, they will NOT be able to receive a tax-exempt receipt. Funds received above and beyond the support needed by a team member are non-refundable and will be considered overage. Overage will be put directly into the team fund as a whole.


You will leave campus Saturday, February 27 at 8:00 a.m. and return Saturday evening, March 6.

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