London Spring Break Trip 2019

Missions Involvement - Specialized Teams

The business and computer teams utilize their traning on various fields: Romania and Ukraine in particular. The host missionaries find these teams to very effective in enhancing their ministries.

The engineering team is also relatively new to MIS. These teams have traveled to Liberia and the Ivory Coast. In Liberia they helped to design and rebuild a power house control panel destroyed in the 1990 war. The control panel provided the power for the ELWA compound hospital, radio station, and housing. In Ivory Coast, W. Africa, the team provided technical and business assistance for the radio station and a mission effort that produced French language Christian literature. They helped to improve the quality of electrical power, designed a telephone system, designed and installed radio tower bases, developed a new automated accounting procedure, and assisted with numerous other vital technical improvements. Besides the mechanical aspect of the ministry, the team was able to assist in a "bush church" service, participate in African Christian church services, and do some street evangelism.