Cedarville professor Dr. Smith discusses politics on national television

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Cedar Care Pharmacy

Cedarville's New Pharmacy is Set to Open

Cedar Care Pharmacy will be open for business April 2, with a grand opening celebration slated for April 4.

Elizabeth Wandling

Pharmacy Student Named to National Post

Third-year professional pharmacy student Elizabeth Wandling will help student chapters coordinate international projects.

Masterworks concert

Masterworks Concert Will Feature Commissioned Symphony

March 29th event will be held in the Jeremiah Chapel.

Laura Sjoquist

Award-Winning Poster Shows Pharmacy Progress

2018 Cedarville professional pharmacy grad Laura Sjoquist won a national award with her research.

Spring break missions trips 2019

Lives Changed by Spring Break Missions Trips

From refugees to inner-city youth, from remote villages to big cities, spring break was a time for serving others and sharing the Gospel.

World Fair 2018

One University, Many Nations: World Fair

March 29 event will put the spotlight on Cedarville's growing number of international students.

Audience in chapel worshipping with hands raised.

Memorable Moments

Students attend hundreds of chapel services during their 1,000 days at Cedarville. Sometimes, however, God uses a particular message in a deep, meaningful way to speak to an individual student.

Chapel during worship

In Closing: Chapel Changed My Life

Within a couple days on campus, God used Chapel to transform this year's senior class president forever.

Chapel band during Missions Conference

Chapel: The Heartbeat of Campus

Chapel provides the central place where God works and moves in the hearts and minds of the Cedarville University family.

Students chaplains meeting with Jon Wood, vice president of student life & Christian ministries and Aaron Cook, director of discipleship ministries.

Training Ground

Faculty and staff intentionally invest in student chaplains to grow them as skilled communicators, but more than that, to help them have a maturing, transformative walk with Christ.

Students streaming out of Dixon Ministry Center

Life Together

Daily chapel is the cornerstone of Cedarville's campus community.

Dr. White speaking in chapel.

Chapel: Platform for Presidents

Cedarville University presidents have prioritized daily chapel. They have maintained its importance in campus life.