National Survey Ranks Cedarville Among Nation's Best

by Public Relations Office

The National Survey of Student Engagement, a study conducted by the Indiana University Center for Post-Secondary Research and Planning, has rated Cedarville University among the best institutions of higher learning in the nation. The survey is, according to its authors, "the first national survey that focuses on the contributions that colleges and universities are making to student learning." The study, formally titled "National Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice," was supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts and co-sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Pew Forum. Factors considered included students' perceptions on the academic challenges they faced, active and collaborative learning opportunities, student/faculty interactions, the presence of enriching educational experiences, and the level of support they experienced on their campuses. "In each of the areas surveyed," said Dr. Carl Ruby, Cedarville's vice president for student services, "Cedarville ranked at or above the median established for all colleges and universities represented in the study. In most cases, Cedarville's rankings were much higher than the national norm. That means the institution is providing students the support they need to effectively engage in those activities most directly related to learning." Ruby was most pleased with the rankings Cedarville polled in the area of providing a supportive campus environment. "Our ratings were among the highest in the nation in areas such as helping students cope with non-academic responsibilities and providing support they need to thrive socially. "In fact," Ruby emphasized, "Cedarville's rating from first-year students on providing a 'supportive campus environment' was the highest in the nation. Our approach at Cedarville has always been one of ministering to the whole person; we want to have a positive affect on students at every level, not just provide them with information. It's gratifying to know students are aware of and value that kind of effort." A complete description of the survey, including a copy of the survey instrument and a listing of all the participating institutions, is available on line at - Cedarville -