Cedarville Canoe Challenge

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Thirty-two Cedarville University teams braved the scattered showers of October 12 to showcase their canoe design talents in the Elmer W. Engstrom Department of Engineering’s canoe competition. Each canoe, built entirely of posterboard-like paper and plastic tape, was launched from one end of Cedar Lake and paddled by two of its designers in a race to cross the lake in the shortest time. Of the 32 canoes involved in the race, 28 were the product of engineering majors, while the remaining four were created by teams from the areas of education, communication arts, honors, and language and literature. This year’s winning team was a freshman engineering group which paddled to triumph in the "Moby Dixon" (named after Cedarville’s president, Dr. Paul Dixon). The team was made up of Daniel Congrove (Grand Haven, Mich.), Dustin Foster (Lucasville, Ohio), Daniel Stephens (Moorestown, N.J.), and Mary Todd (Oak Hill, Ohio). Their canoe crossed the lake in a speedy two minutes and 33 seconds, earning them scientific calculators as prizes. Out of the non-engineering entries, only the education canoe successfully crossed, earning them the traveling trophy for the top non-engineering performance. Team members were Nate Leman (Batavia, Ill.) and David Moore (Sanford, Mich.). A demolition derby was added to the competition this year, involving the top 12 teams to successfully cross Cedar Lake. When the ramming was complete, only "The Perfect Lady" remained, designed by freshman engineering students Jason Auyer (Liverpool, N.Y.), Cameron Daigle (Pensacola, Fla.), Daniel Rogers Jr. (Niceville, Fla.), and Walter Stokes (Marion, Ark.). "The Perfect Lady" was declared "King of the Lake," and its creators received gift certificates for dinner at Olive Garden and trophies graced by miniature cardboard canoes. Prizes for this annual competition were sponsored by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation of Fairborn and were presented by Tim Lawrence, director of systems engineering operations. Shurtape and Mead supplied the teams with tape and posterboard, respectively. Life jackets and paddles (as well as real canoes for event staff) were donated by RiversEdge Canoe Outfitters in Waynesville.