Cedarville Prof Releases New Edition of Biology Textbook

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—A textbook written by Cedarville University Professor John Silvius has been released in its fourth edition. The textbook, Biology: Principles and Perspectives, introduces students to every area of biology from ecosystems to molecules and challenges them to evaluate biological concepts and issues based upon the biblical foundations that spawned western science. Silvius said, "An increasing number of Christian college and university professors are using BPP as an alternative to secular texts which are often criticized by educational experts as overloaded with terminology and weak in their capacity to foster critical thinking." He added, "Rather than using popular biology texts and attempting to counterbalance the humanistic and naturalistic views of biology, professors find in BPP a theistic view of biological issues presented in a manner that invites students to examine their basis for making correct judgments about the natural world." Silvius said BPP is different from other biology texts in that it places more emphasis on building a moral and ethical foundation for evaluating and solving problems. The textbook also focuses on the philosophy of science, developing biological literacy through an adaptive study approach, and encouraging further student research and cooperative learning assignments through extensive and current references and interesting topics. BPP is currently used by colleges/universities, Christian high schools, and homeschoolers for general education biology courses. Specific examples include Cedarville University, Pensacola Christian College (Florida), Concordia University (Wisconsin), Central Christian College of Kansas, Wood College (Mississippi), and Elkhart Baptist Christian School (Indiana). BPP was first published in 1985 by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company of Dubuque, Iowa. The latest edition offers many improvements, including new photos, an interactive CD-ROM, and an extensive updated list of library and Internet sources for student use.