Heyd Family Awards Established at Cedarville University

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University has announced the establishment of three financial awards funded by David and Jean Heyd of North East, Pa.: the Daniel Award, the Joseph Award, and the Heyd Math/Science Award. The Daniel Award will be presented annually to one or two senior male Bible majors who are preparing for full-time pastoral ministry and have been accepted at a conservative evangelical seminary. The awardee(s) will be expected to exhibit godly leadership skills and spiritual qualifications. Preference will be given to those who plan to pastor General Association of Regular Baptist (GARB) churches. The Joseph Award will be presented annually to a junior male Bible major who is preparing for the pastorate, preferably for a GARB church. The awardee will exhibit godly leadership skills and spiritual qualifications. The Heyd Math/Science Award will be presented to two students (sophomores or juniors) in math or the sciences. The awardees will demonstrate a balance between devotion and service to God and diligence in their academic studies. All of the awards are one-time awards and have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. Recipients will be selected by Cedarville’s Bible and science and math faculty. Financial need may be a consideration. The Heyds are funding these scholarships in honor of their parents, Charles and the late E. Larue Wilcox (McAllen, Texas) and Elmer and Kathryn Heyd (Morris, Pa.), who all greatly valued college education and sacrificed much to provide for their own children’s higher education. For information on initiating scholarships, contact the Cedarville University Office of Gift Planning at 1-800-766-1115.