Cedarville University Senior Studies at WORLD Journalism Institute

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Interviews with nationally-known figures such as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris or Lisa Beamer, widow of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, probably aren’t in the average journalist’s appointment book. But Cedarville University senior Charlie Shifflett found them in his. Shifflett snagged these interviews and others through his studies at the 2001 WORLD Journalism Institute (WJI), an intensive training school for Christian journalists. As one of 20 students selected from around the U.S. to participate, Shifflett spent one month at the Institute’s Asheville, N.C. campus taking journalism, theology, and philosophy classes. He spent another five months completing reading and writing assignments, which, on the national level, included talking with Harris about her bid for a congressional seat and Beamer about her life without Todd. He also found himself covering events such as September 11 blood drives, the social climate of post-riot Cincinnati, and the retirement announcement of Cedarville University President Paul Dixon. Shifflett plans to graduate from Cedarville in June with a comprehensive Bible degree and minors in Greek, English, and creative writing. He noted that taking a Cedarville journalism class and writing for the campus newspaper were the experiences which turned his attention towards writing. In fact, it was Shifflett’s journalism professor who encouraged him to apply for WJI’s “journalism boot camp.” The WORLD Journalism Institute was initiated in 1998 when God’s World Publications (publishers of WORLD magazine) saw the need for their own training school for Christian journalists. Classes began in the summer of 1999. For more information, visit www.worldji.com.