Striving to Be Women of Vision at Cedarville University

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—What Cindy Sutter-Tkel found on the Web one day has the potential to be life-changing. As the social work program director at Cedarville University, Sutter-Tkel was perusing the Web site of a Christian relief and development organization when she came across a voluntary women’s program, called Women of Vision (WOV). Thinking that WOV might make a great learning tool for one of her classes, she asked for more information. The more she learned, the bigger her dreams grew and the bigger the potential became for Cedarville area women to make a difference. With chapters in nine states, WOV unites women who want to improve life for women and children across the world and in our own backyards. None of the chapters currently involve college-age women, so Sutter-Tkel decided to create a campus chapter which would draw Cedarville female students, faculty, staff, spouses, and various ages of community women together in service. “My goal is a combined effort between Christian women on and off campus,” she noted. Sutter-Tkel began by initiating a cross-cultural study for students in the Spring Quarter “to help us understand the struggles that poor women face internationally and what it would take to overcome those needs.” The women learned about troubling issues such as female babies aborted in China because of their gender, the staggering number of war widows and refugees worldwide, the lack of good nutrition and clean water, literacy and educational issues, and economic development opportunities. Sutter-Tkel next plans to contact local churches to draw women into the same cross-cultural study. This blended-age chapter of WOV will seek to meet the needs of poverty-stricken women and children on the financial, educational, and physical levels. This may include fundraising, bringing in special speakers to educate the campus and public, or providing needed supplies to local social service organizations. Sutter-Tkel’s hope is that campus and area women will take Proverbs 31:20 to heart: “She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.” For more information, contact Sutter-Tkel at 937-766-7795 or