Cedarville Psych Students Give Conference Presentations

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Do teachers and parents differ in how they view children? How do people come to think and feel when faced with the dishonesty of others? These were just a few of the research projects which 26 Cedarville University psychology students presented recently at the Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Conference (Cleveland State University, Ohio), the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference (Thomas More College, Kentucky), and the Interdisciplinary Conference for the Behavioral Sciences (Mt. Union College, Ohio). According to Dr. Michael Firmin, chair of the department of psychology at Cedarville, presenting at a student conference is a significant milestone for psychology majors. "This year six students have been accepted into doctoral programs in clinical psychology and three psychology majors have been accepted into law schools," he said. "Student participation in research conferences has significantly contributed to our alumni entering competitive programs after graduation." Cedarville students made a total of 12 presentations among the three conferences, which, according to Dr. Chi-en Hwang, associate professor of psychology, is one of the highest participation rates among attending institutions. In the past five years, the number of Cedarville conference presentations has tripled. Cedarville`s psychology program has grown from 80 students to 160 in five years. Firmin attributes this growth, in part, to an emphasis on motivating students to achieve their potential for excellence. Firmin stated, "Quality has a drawing effect. As chair, I have worked hard to establish excellence as the norm for the department. Students like being a part of the quality things that have happened in the department during recent years." A listing of the recent presenters and their projects follows: A) OHIO UNDERGRADUATE PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE "Cognitive and Emotive Process of Peer Reporting of Academic Dishonesty" Matt Blosser, Amanda Burger, Aaron Vaughn, Chris Freeman, Andrea Franka, and Michael Firmin "Efficacy of Request Presentation on Compliance" Aaron Vaughn, Perry Kuhn, Matt Blosser, Megan Whitman, Jeremy Wikler, and Michael Firmin "Say Please: Effects of the Word "Please" in Compliance-Seeking" Janine Helmick, Brian Iezzi, Aaron Vaughn, and Michael Firmin B) MID-AMERICA UNDERGRADUATE PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH CONFERENCE "Conformity in the Cafeteria" Amy Zeppenfield, Tasha Lawson, and Charles Dolph "A Study of the Probable Correlations Between Symptoms of ADHD and Peer Relationships, Academic Satisfaction, and Self-Image" Annie Phillips and Chi-en Hwang "Coping with Stress: Comparing the Coping Methods of Engaged and Single University Students" Amanda Burger, Michelle Rigel, and Chi-en Hwang "Variation in Gender Role Identities Between Age Groups" Beth Zimmerman, Lucinda Hickey, and Chi-en Hwang "Predicting Marital Readiness: A Look at Age, Length of Courtship, Marital History, and Sexual History" Terra Posten, Andrea Link, Danielle Esty, and Chi-en Hwang "Spiritual Aptitude as a Measure of Psychological Reactance Among Cedarville University Freshmen Based on Factors of College Choice" Naomi Greeman, Ivana Batinic, Andrea Gillenwater, Katherine Briggs, and Chi-en Hwang "A Comparison of Parent and Teacher Ratings of Child Behavior" Andrea Franka, Elizabeth Proemmel, and Michael Firmin "Early Childhood Discipline" Melinda Miller, Tricia Wilkens, and Michael Firmin C) INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES "They Don`t Stand Out, But They Don't Fit In: A Qualitative Analysis of Evangelical Christian Students in a Public School Milieu" Matt Blosser, Amanda Burger, Andrea Franka, Chris Freeman, and Michael Firmin For more information, contact Firmin at 937-766-7970. -30-