Cedarville Team Wins Awards at Dayton Model UN Conference

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—A Cedarville University team earned six conference awards recently for their work at the 2003 Dayton Model United Nations Conference, held at Sinclair Community College. The 11-member team competed against 150 other "UN delegates" from 16 colleges and universities. Model United Nations conferences begin by presenting crisis situations or global issues to student "delegates" who sit on model committees of the UN. The delegates must react just as their assigned country would. Using skills of diplomacy, leadership, persuasion, negotiation, speaking, and writing, the students formulate a written resolution that a majority of the "nations" will vote to approve. All the while, a committee judges participants on their teamwork and ability to represent their country accurately and effectively. Cedarville team captain Kimberly Edlund earned the award of Outstanding Judge for her performance on the International Criminal Tribune for Rwanda. Edlund is a senior English and political science major from Cedarville, Ohio. First-time Model UN participant Rob Wallace earned the award of Outstanding Delegate for his representation of Palestine at the Organization of the Islamic Conference. He is a senior international studies/social science major from Allegan, Mich. Honorable mentions were earned by Rachel Beach (senior international studies/global economics and international business major from Somerset, Ky.), Jason Charrette (junior history major from Manchester, N.H.), Kerry Estes (senior international studies/social science major from Cedarville, Ohio), and Melissa Fawcett (junior criminal justice major from Cedarville, Ohio). Beach represented China in the Security Council Simulation Exercise, while Estes represented China on the Security Council. Charrette represented Malaysia in the Organization of the Islamic Conference while Fawcett represented Malaysia in the World Health Organization. Additional team members were Jonathan Dunkin (freshman public administration and political science major from Elyria, Ohio) and Jack Gray (senior political science major from Juneau, Alaska), who represented China; Shellie Walker (senior international studies/global economics and international business/social science major from Jackson, Mich.), who represented Malaysia; and Ian Ellis (sophomore political science major from Martinsburg, W.Va.) and Colby Mathews (senior political science major from Bedford, Ind.), who represented Palestine. Beach shared, "The Model UN was an incredibly stimulating experience. It required a broad and deep knowledge of the policies of nations we represented and the ability to adopt the mentality and position of the nations we individually represented." Walker noted, "We all were impressed with the importance of people skills in the realm of diplomacy. It did not matter how airtight our arguments were if we could not persuade people, make them like us, and want to follow us." Mathews added, "Learning the views, methods, and strategies of various member states of the UN is crucial to being an informed consumer of media in the 21st century." This is Cedarville`s second year in the competition. Last year`s four-member team earned two awards. The team is advised by Cedarville resident Dr. Frank Jenista. Jenista has 25 years of experience as an American diplomat and serves as professor of international studies at Cedarville. -30-

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