Cedarville University to Mark 50th Anniversary of Presbyterian-Baptist Transition

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—In early 1953, tough times and circumstances pressed upon Cedarville College. The Presbyterian school, which had been chartered in 1887, faced the bleak prospect of closing its doors. Providentially, the Baptist Bible Institute (BBI) of Cleveland, Ohio, was searching for a larger campus. Through a series of God-ordained events, the BBI was able to move to Cedarville and accept ownership of the institution in March 1953. Cedarville University will commemorate the 50th anniversary of this transition with a special program on Wednesday, January 29 at 10 a.m. Held in the Jeremiah Chapel of the Dixon Ministry Center, the program will look back on the Presbyterian-Baptist transition through a blend of drama and music. A cast of 32 students will don 1880s and 1950s attire to portray the visionaries who believed in what Cedarville could become. Musical groups, such as the brass choir and a men`s quartet, will perform. Called "Celebrating God`s Faithfulness," the program was written and directed by Dr. David Robey. Robey, a Cedarville resident, is professor of communication arts and director of theatre at the University. A luncheon will be held after the program to honor the alumni who made the transition from classes in Cleveland to classes at Cedarville. The program is free and open to the public, however the luncheon is open only to invited guests. For more information, call the alumni relations office at 1-800-837-2566 or 937-766-7858. -30-