Sarah Spurlock update 2

by Public Relations Office

Sarah Spurlock has not yet been located. Area law enforcement agencies, including the Cedarville PD, the Greene County and Clark County Sheriff's offices, and the Ohio State Patrol, have been very helpful and generous. They have provided us with every resource we could have asked for and more, including helicopter support. We owe them a debt of gratitude. We remain concerned about Sarah. We fear for her safety and welfare. We have reason to believe that Sarah may have set out to harm herself. We are concerned about her mental and emotional state. We believe she is still in the area and on foot. It is possible that she may have hitched a ride somewhere, but we have no indication that that has happened. We believe it is critical that we find Sarah in the next 24-48 hours. We are distributing flyers around Greene and Clark County and will reach into neighboring counties. We want to do everything we can to locate Sarah and bring her to a safe place. We appreciate all the support and help already received and ask that everyone concerned continue to pray for Sarah and her family.