Cedarville Grad Takes Second Place at International Engineering Competition

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Brian Montague, a 2004 Cedarville University graduate, won second place at the November 15 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) International Old Guard Oral Presentation in Anaheim, Calif. Montague`s presentation described his hull design for Cedarville University`s solar/electric boat. The boat won Solar Splash" 2004, the world collegiate championship of solar/electric boating, in June 2004. As Montague explained in his presentation, his hull was able to "change" design based on where weight was placed in the boat. In the sprint race of the Solar Splash" competition, weight was placed in the back of the boat, causing the hull to act as a planing hull. In the low-speed endurance race, the weight was shifted forward, causing the hull to act like a canoe. The hull`s ability to play whatever role was most efficient and necessary in the race gave Cedarville the championship. Montague received his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering degree from Cedarville in May. He currently resides in Jackson, Mich., where he works for SeaLandAire Technologies, Inc., developing innovative ocean- and land-based sensor systems for the military. ASME is a worldwide professional engineering society focused on technical, educational, and research issues. With 120,000 members, it conducts one of the world`s largest technical publishing operations, holds numerous technical conferences and hundreds of professional development courses each year, and sets many industrial and manufacturing standards. Cedarville University`s student chapter of ASME is part of the Great Lakes Region V, which includes Ohio, western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Ontario. Students from Cedarville`s engineering department consistently place in the top five in the regional ASME competition, taking first place in 1998, 2000, and 2004; second in 2001 and 2002; third place in 1999, 2002, and 2004; and fifth place in 2003. -30-