Cedarville University Honors Faculty Members

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio— On Tuesday, Apr. 13, Cedarville University honored nine of its faculty members for their service contributions. The Allen Monroe Integration of Faith and Learning Award was given to Cedarville resident Dr. Irene Alyn. This award recognizes sustained excellence in integrating Scripture and Christian world/lifeview with a discipline or practical application. Alyn is a professor of nursing and chair of the department of nursing at Cedarville University. She is known locally, regionally, and nationally for holding her faith as foundational to all aspects of living. As the first chairperson of the nursing department, Alyn hired faculty who shared this commitment, and she guided the development of a nursing curriculum based on biblical truth. The Faculty Advisor Award was given to Dr. Pamela Diehl Johnson. This award is given to a full-time or part-time faculty member with at least six years of service who has had a significant influence on students as an academic advisor, class advisor, career counselor, student organization advisor, and/or Missions Involvement Services leader. Johnson, a Cedarville resident, is a professor of exercise and sport science and is director of the Academic Assistance Center. She has developed and managed transitions courses, the Academic Enrichment Program, and the Athletic Academic Support Program, as well as worked to accommodate students with both physical disabilities and learning disabilities. In addition, she served as the advisor to the Class of 1993. Three Deans` Service Awards were given for the categories of 1-10, 11-20, and 21+ years of service to Cedarville University. These awards are given to faculty who demonstrate contributions to departmental, school, and university committees and task teams; service to the higher education community; involvement with students; and work with civic offices, service and youth organizations, or church or para-church organizations. Dr. Thomas Hutchison received the award for 1-10 years of service. A Cedarville resident, he serves as an associate professor of Christian education and is the assistant chair for the department of biblical education. Hutchison has chaired committees such as the Presidential Transition Advisory Team and the Faculty Committee to the President, as well as served on the University Strategic Planning Committee. He has also been involved in numerous campus-sponsored programs for youth and college students. He came to Cedarville University in 1995. Dr. Phil Bassett was given the award for 11-20 years of service. Bassett is a Xenia resident and serves as a professor of education and chair of the department of education. He was a leader in helping to plan, document, and implement the University`s 14 licensure programs and three new majors, as well as the master of education program. He also has served on several University committees, planned and led the New Faculty Orientation Program, and has presented numerous workshops for Christian schools. Bassett came to Cedarville in 1991. Dr. James Phipps received the award for more than 21 years of service. Phipps, who has been at Cedarville since 1968, currently serves as a professor of communication arts. He chaired the communication arts department for 33 years, was Faculty Athletics Representative for 34 years, served as president of the Speech Communication Association of Ohio, and has been the mayor of the Village of Cedarville for the past 8 years. He resides in Cedarville. The Faculty Innovator of the Year Award was given to Dr. Jeffrey Cook, assistant professor of Bible. The award is given for an instructional or curricular innovation that has resulted in a noteworthy improvement in student learning. Cook creatively designed a homeless simulation weekend for his urban ministry class. Students in the class are immersed in the cross-cultural world of the poor in Springfield, dressing, sleeping, eating, and living as homeless people. The experience helps the students understand the cultural divides between their normal experiences and that of the millions of the poor and disenfranchised around the world. Cook is a Xenia resident. Three Faculty Teaching Effectiveness Awards were also given to faculty members with 1-10, 11-20, and 21+ years of service. Recipients were chosen based on student evaluations, department chair and peer recommendations, performance of students in subsequent classes or after graduation, use of instructional technology, and use of effective pedagogical techniques. Dr. Heather Kuruvilla, associate professor of biology, received the award for 1-10 years of service. She is a Xenia resident. Cedarville resident Dr. Chris Miller received the award for 11-20 years of service. He is a professor of Bible and chair of the department of biblical education. Dr. Donald Baumann, professor of biology and chemistry, received the award for more than 21 years of service. He resides in Cedarville. -30-