Cedarville University to Host More Than 1,000 at Junior Jam

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University will host approximately 1,000 people at its biannual Junior Jam event on Saturday, Sept. 18. Guests are expected from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee and will include roughly 800 third through sixth-graders and several hundred adult sponsors. This year's theme is "Underwater Expedition: Finding Friends in Fishy Waters." The day provides games, videos, and lessons related to finding and being a good friend. Activities include "The O'Bay Challenge," a giant game board that teaches respect for authority; "Pressure Pier," a "build-your-own-adventure" that teaches how to deal with peer pressure; "Shipmate Shake-up," a game that teaches acceptance of others; and "Operation: Cooperation" games that teach the value of teamwork. Bob and Dannah Gresh, both Cedarville graduates, will be the special guests. The Greshes are the founders of Pure FreedomTM (www.purefreedom.org), a ministry which presents purity and holiness to young people in a radical, unique way. Bob will lead a session for boys called "Media Mash," teaching responsibility and discretion in media choices, and Dannah will present an activity called "Secret Keeper Girls," teaching the importance of modesty and finding significance in Christ. Kristy Lester of Springfield sent her daughter, Marissa (age 10), to last spring`s Junior Jam. Lester shared, "The think I like about Junior Jam is the fact that biblical themes are always incorporated into the games. The kids aren`t just coming for a day of fun, they are learning to apply biblical principles to life." Junior Jam also features workshops and training seminars for the adults accompanying the students. For a list of the workshops, visit http://www.cedarville.edu/jjworkshops. Approximately 450 Cedarville University students will volunteer at Junior Jam by preparing events, serving lunch, and leading games and small groups. "I am always impressed with how many Cedarville students volunteer their time to help with these events," Lester added. Junior Jam's opening rally begins at 10 a.m. in the University's Dixon Ministry Center. Additional information is available at www.cedarville.edu/juniorjam. Media interested in covering Junior Jam should contact the University public relations office at 937-766-7808. -30-