Cedarville's Business Program Named in "Business Reform" Magazine

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University`s Department of Business Administration (DBA) has been named one of the nation`s Christian business programs most dedicated to making biblical principles a foundation of business education. The September/October 2004 issue of "Business Reform" magazine stated, "To continue taking the marketplace back for the Lord, this generation — and those following — must be trained up in the way they should go. The schools that have made our list are those that are taking those steps — to educate their students in how work and faith interact on an essential level, with one helping to shape the other as both are continually refined." Cedarville`s DBA was one of 10 undergraduate programs named to the list out of more than 100 Christian schools. Schools were selected based on four main criteria:1) How biblical is the foundation of the program? 2) How much of an emphasis is placed on running a business vs. just teaching students to get jobs? 3) How did each of the schools` business department heads rank other programs in overall quality? and 4) What colleges offered the most business degrees and courses? "We want graduates who will influence their organizations, professions, and culture from a biblical paradigm," said Dr. Ron Walker, chair of the DBA. "To that end, we have made the integration of biblical principles with business disciplines a key distinctive of the DBA, inside and outside of the classroom. We offer, for example, additional opportunities for our students to develop a heart for people through the entrepreneur/service practicum that is an integral part of the Integrated Business Core." The DBA currently has approximately 340 students majoring in one or more of its six programs: accounting, finance, international studies: global economics and international business, management, management information systems, and marketing. For more information about the DBA, contact Walker at 937-766-7911. -30-