Composition Class Constructs "Walden" Cabin for Contemplation

by Public Relations Office

Cedarville, Ohio-This semester, Dr. Scott Calhoun, assistant professor of English at Cedarville University, is leading his freshman composition class through the study of a piece of literature and a related hands-on learning project. The class is reading Henry David Thoreau`s Walden, which is in its 150th year. The book chronicles Thoreau`s observations on how to live simply, gleaned from his experiment of living in a small cabin near Walden Pond, Mass., for more than two years. Calhoun`s class has begun building a faithful replica of Thoreau`s cabin on the banks of Cedarville`s very own Cedar Lake. Calhoun said the goal is to "give [the students] a greater appreciation of what Thoreau did and what his experiences were." "Often older literature like this can be quite dry," Lindsay Di Donato shared, "but this project has really made Walden come to life for all of us." Once the 10-by-15 cabin is completed, the campus community will have the opportunity to use it for journaling and contemplation. -30-